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10 Signs It’s Time to Seek an Alcohol Detox and Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2023-11-08

[…]rehab addiction treatment center. Withdrawal symptoms can vary from mild to severe and may include anxiety, irritability, nausea, insomnia, and even seizures. Trying to quit on your own without the proper support and medical supervision can be dangerous and ineffective. At an alcohol detox and drug rehab addiction treatment center, you will receive the necessary care and support to safely manage withdrawal symptoms and begin your journey towards recovery. Feeling the Need to Use Alcohol or Drugs Throughout the Day If you find yourself constantly feeling the need to use alcohol or drugs throughout the day, it may be a […]

The Cost of Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 2023-10-09

[…]or the Mental Health Problem? Substance abuse and mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are closely linked, although one doesn’t necessarily directly cause the other. Abusing substances such as marijuana or methamphetamine can cause prolonged psychotic reactions, while alcohol can make depression and anxiety symptoms worse. Alcohol and drugs are often used to self-medicate the symptoms of mental health problems. People often abuse alcohol or drugs to ease the symptoms of an undiagnosed mental disorder, to cope with difficult emotions, or to temporarily change their mood. Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol may provide temporary relief and be someone’s only option […]

7 Alcohol Detoxification Tips

Relevance: 5%      Posted on: 2023-08-14

[…]the individual’s response to treatment. D. Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) Symptoms: Anxiety and depression Fatigue Difficulty concentrating Mood swings Note: PAWS can persist for weeks or months after initial withdrawal. III. Alcohol Detoxification Treatment Options A. Medical Supervision and Monitoring Round-the-clock medical supervision is crucial during alcohol detoxification, especially in cases of severe addiction or co-occurring medical conditions. Monitoring vital signs and addressing complications promptly is essential for a safe detoxification process. B. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Medications is prescribed by our doctors to curb withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, and prevent complications. Commonly used medications include benzodiazepines for anxiety and seizures, […]

Medication-assisted Treatment In Modern Rehabs

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2023-07-10

[…]struggling with addiction also have co-occurring mental health disorders, like depression or anxiety. MAT can be particularly effective in these cases, treating the substance use disorder while also addressing the mental health condition. Having a clear understanding of this can make a big difference in anticipating the challenges and milestones in your or your loved one’s recovery journey. Accessing MAT: Accessibility is a crucial aspect of any treatment, and MAT is no different. It’s important to know how to find MAT services in your area, what to expect during treatment, and how costs and insurance can affect access to these […]

Importance of Addressing Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

Relevance: 3%      Posted on: 2023-06-13

[…]individuals battling addiction often have co-occurring mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. These co-existing conditions can exacerbate the cycle of addiction, making it harder to break free. When you embark on your journey to recovery, it’s crucial to realize that treating the addiction alone might not lead to sustainable recovery. Ignoring the underlying mental health conditions can leave you vulnerable, creating a potential pathway for relapse. This realization brings to light the importance of seeking professional help that not only addresses addiction but also co-occurring mental health disorders. Professionals in the field, like psychologists, therapists, and […]

The Role of Trauma-informed Care in Dual Diagnosis and Addiction Treatment

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2023-06-04

[…]It is common for individuals with addiction to also experience conditions such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or borderline personality disorder. Trauma-informed care recognizes the complex interplay between these conditions and tailors treatment accordingly. 3. Trauma-informed Approach Trauma-informed care operates on the principles of safety, trust, choice, collaboration, and empowerment. It recognizes the prevalence and impact of trauma and creates an environment of empathy, understanding, and support. Treatment providers approach individuals with sensitivity, avoiding retraumatization and promoting a sense of safety and healing. 4. Integrated Treatment Trauma-informed care emphasizes the integration of addiction treatment and mental health services. […]

Recovery from addiction meets global pandemic: Ten ways to stay safe, sane and sober.

Relevance: 5%      Posted on: 2020-08-04

[…]with a new reality that now includes extended periods of isolation, job losses and high levels of anxiety amongst other scenarios.  If we look at things as they are, warts and all, we empower ourselves to move forward. It may be daunting at the onset but removing our rose-tinted glasses and clearly seeing the obstacles ahead allows us the opportunity to map a new course and navigate the terrain successfully. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Ever hear the saying that prevention is better than cure?  True story and in order to prevent heading down a slippery slope we can […]

Anxiety Disorder

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: 2020-08-04

[…]relationships and daily life, it is likely that anxiety disorder lies at the root of the problem. Anxiety disorder referred to as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) involves an excessive amount of anxiety or worry about anything from health or work to everyday happenings for at least 6 months. The fear and anxiety can cause significant problems in most areas of a person’s life. An anxiety attack can occur suddenly without warning and intense feelings of fear and loss of control are experienced. Anxiety attacks usually peak within 10 minutes and rarely last more than half an hour. Emotional / mental […]

Adjustment Disorder

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 2020-08-04

[…]concentration are affected negatively. Children with this disorder usually suffer with separation anxiety. Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood: The symptoms present a combination of depression and anxiety. Adjustment disorder with disturbance of conduct: The dominant symptoms are behaviour’s that break the societal norms or the rights of others such as substance abuse, outbursts of anger, and revenge seeking. Adjustment disorder mixed disturbance of conduct and emotions: The symptoms prevalent in this type of adjustment disorder include emotional distress and disturbances of conduct. Adjustment disorder unspecified: This type of adjustment disorder displays dysfunctional responses to major life events […]

Depression – The most common cause of disability in South Africa.

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2020-06-24

[…]crying and bouts of sadness Feeling hopeless or worthless Getting too much or too little sleep Anxiety Anger Difficulty enjoying activities one used to like Unexplained physical ailments such as headaches or muscle pain Difficulty concentrating Changes in weight or eating habits Thoughts of suicide It is common when a person is struggling with depression that they experience challenges when dealing with daily life stressors. Even the simplest of life tasks can feel impossible. These symptoms can make an individual feel isolated, lonely and helpless. Even the most beautiful and enjoyable of life’s experiences can be cast into darkness when […]

Anxiety – Mental Health Treatment – Psychiatric Disorders.

Relevance: 91%      Posted on: 2020-06-15

[…]life event Biochemistry Genetics The following is a list of the various types of anxiety disorders: Social Anxiety disorder Generalised anxiety disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder Panic disorders Post-traumatic stress disorder Anxiety can appear in a myriad of conditions and it can present very differently from individual to individual. It may present emotionally, however some individuals may present by displaying signs of physical distress. The one factor that binds all various forms of anxiety is a massively and significant overwhelming irrational fear. Here are some signs that someone is experiencing anxiety: Excessive worry with an inability to control it Intense episodes of […]

Adjustment Disorder – Signs & Symptoms – Treatment of Psychiatric Issues.

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2020-06-12

[…]overwhelmed Trouble with memory Psychosocial symptoms: Increased levels of stress Increased anxiety Inability to experience pleasure Feelings of desperation Suicidal thoughts Hopelessness Depressed mood The effects of an adjustment disorder can be significant for any individual’s ability to operate effectively in their day to day lives and relationships. Below is a list of examples of these effects: Family discord Decreased performance at work or school Change in interpersonal relationships Complications in medical conditions Substance use Self-injury Suicidal […]

Kwa-Zulu Natal Rehab Centres

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2019-12-08

This private specialist clinic is one of the gems of Kwa-Zulu Natal & is located an hours drive from Durban. Read more about it on We Do […]

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2019-10-29

For 20 years, children of alcoholics display their own forms of psychological problems have been studied. Read more about it on We Do […]

Eating Disorders

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2019-10-25

As kids reach puberty they undergo dramatic physical changes & start facing new social pressures. Read more about it on We Do […]

Family Choices for Dealing with an Addiction

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2019-10-24

In this article, I address an anguished mother who contacted me about her son who is abusing drugs & alcohol. Read more about it on We Do […]

Family choices for dealing with a addiction

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2019-10-24

In this article, I address an anguished mother contacted me about her son who is abusing drugs and alcohol. Read more about it on We Do […]

“Club” Drugs

Relevance: 3%      Posted on: 2019-09-26

The “club” drugs are those which are associated with all-night dance parties held at clubs or outside venues. Read more about it on We Do […]

Cold Turkey

Relevance: 2%      Posted on: 2017-10-06

[…]psychological distress. Common withdrawal symptoms include: Sweating Tremors Nausea or vomiting Anxiety or depression Seizures The severity and duration of these symptoms can vary based on the substance in question, the duration of use, the amount regularly consumed, and individual physical factors. Related Catchphrases “Kick the habit”: Another phrase for quitting, particularly in the context of addiction. It’s a more general term and doesn’t specify the method of quitting, unlike cold turkey. “Straighten up and fly right”: A phrase suggesting someone should improve their behavior or attitude. In addiction terms, it can mean getting sober or making better choices. “On […]