Rehab Centres Eastern Cape

This accredited and registered addiction treatment centre provides addiction counselling based but not dictated by the 12 step recovery programme.

The main emphasis is on interpersonal group therapy and this clinic is recognised and respected internationally for the high degree of experience and professionalism of its therapeutic team. The counselling team consist of a consultant Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Social Worker and Addiction Counsellors.

Addiction Retreat Centre in Fantastic Natural Surroundings

This rehab works with addiction to alcohol; all classes of drugs including pharmaceutical drugs (pills); food; self-harm; gambling, sex and relationships and internet addiction. They also deal with co-existing disorders such as bi-polar, depression and anxiety.

They have a maximum number of 12 residents to ensure individual attention. The 12 week stay is to enable the uncovering of the dis-ease that lies behind the escape into addiction. They are a 12-Step linked programme that works psycho-dynamically with inter-personal therapy to foster self-growth.

Their fees are very competitive given the high level of experience of the team and the fabulous location.

Stunning Location for an Addiction Retreat Centre

The stunningly beautiful environment that this rehab retreat is located in contributes to the growth of a healthy, more spiritual lifestyle. The photos say it all!

This rehab centre is superbly positioned and allows the environment to contribute to the treatment programs healing effect by using nature and outward bound type of excursions to engage the patients in a healthy recovery and new way to live.

This makes this addiction treatment centre truly unique. The residents are helped by love and understanding, to see that their addictions imprison them.

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