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Black Tar

Black tar, also known as black heroin, is dark, tough and extremely potent. Originating from Mexico, the drug has a purity rating of 70%, making it an extremely addictive drug.

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Ecstasy is an illegal drug often used for pleasure at clubs. It is both a stimulant and a psychedelic leaving users feeling energized and with distorted perceptions. It enhances enjoyment from touching objects and people.

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Alcohol Misuse

Alcohol misuse is a term used to describe a pattern of either frequent binge drinking or drinking heavily to the point of being severely drunk more than twice. Alcohol abuse is the pattern of drinking despite having negative consequences.

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Bi-Polar Disorder

Bi –Polar disorder (also known as manic depression) is a disorder that causes emotional changes and mood swings, causing great highs and bad lows in the mood of the individual. Bi-Polar is often found as a co-occurring disorder with drug addiction or alcoholism.

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Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is the street name for the narcotic substance heroin.

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Benzos: Benzos are the shortened form of Benzodiazepine, a depressant often used to treat alcoholism.

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Brown is a nickname of the opiate drug, heroin.

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A counselor is an individual who provides advice for a choice or course of action.

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Clean Time

Clean time can be described as the period of time which a drug addict or alcohol has remained clean & sober

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Come Down

Come down is the slow reduction of a drug effect after reaching the high from drugs (feeling of euphoria).

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Friend: What are you doing?Me: Having a glass of wine.Friend: That's a bottle.Me: The bottle is made of glass.Think you have a drinking problem? Read this: ... See MoreSee Less
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“Codependency is not about a relationship with an addict, it is the absence of relationship with self”.This is how author Terry Kellogg defines co-dependency in his book, Broken Toys Broken Dreams.Read more on codependency, how it works and how to address it here: ... See MoreSee Less
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The misconception that the use of prescription drugs is completely safe is a modern fallacy. Although doctors prescribe these drugs over the counter, the opportunities for addicts to abuse them are abundant. Prescription drug abuse occurs when anyone takes a scheduled drug in any capacity over and above the dosage prescribed by a doctor.Whether to achieve a high or to increase the tolerance to a particular drug, prescription drug abuse is rife in South Africa, and around the world. The danger presents itself when an addict, in an effort to stop the addiction, negates the prescription drug altogether.Rebound effects and chemical withdrawals often exacerbate the problem and expert medical help should be sought before one takes matters into their own hands to resolve an addiction. Just like illicit drugs, it is extremely dangerous to attempt detoxification from prescription drugs without professional aid.Read more on the dangers of prescription drug use here: ... See MoreSee Less
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What’s the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction?Essentially alcohol abuse is too much, too often and alcohol dependence is the inability to quit drinking despite the negative consequences.Alcohol abuse leads to unfulfilled responsibilities at home, work or school and/or repeated dangerous situations as a result of drinking. Alcohol dependence has similar criteria to abuse but is more severe. These symptoms include increased tolerance, drinking larger amounts or for longer periods than intended, an inability to reduce or stop drinking despite negative consequences and withdrawal symptoms.Three key features of all addictions are compulsion (powerlessness over taking the first drink), obsession (persistent & dominating thoughts to drink) and loss of control (can’t stop drinking once started).Once addicted, permanent changes happen to the brain’s reward, motivation and memory circuit’s resulting in intense craving.Read the full post here: ... See MoreSee Less
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