What are A-A Meetings?

February 27th, 2012

A-A meetings are gatherings that are aimed at providing assistance for those suffering with alcoholism.
A-A was founded by two recovering alcoholics, Bill Wilson and Dr Bob Smith, on the 10th of June 1935. Wilson was on an unsuccessful business trip and considering a drink when he decided to continue trying to ‘carry the A-A message to the still suffering alcoholic’. This alcoholic was Dr Bob Smith.
Their methods were spread worldwide and in 1939, they published a piece called ‘The Big Book’.
The meetings aim to reach out and help other alcoholics remain sober and live contented lives without the need to drink.
Although the meetings have spiritual influence, it is not religious in any form. Atheists and agnostics are welcome to attend the meetings and not feel disillusioned by the spiritual factor.
Many people struggle to complete the full course of the meetings as many ‘drop out’, however the A-A has significant abstinence rates for the dedicated ones who remain in the meetings, some even remaining sober for decades. 

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