What are AA Meetings?

December 10th, 2009

AA meetings are the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and they are essentially a form of  group self help. alcohol rehab lounge RVM 200x300 - What are AA Meetings?Alcoholics Anonymous is a voluntary organization which is dedicated to the provision of recovery for alcoholics, and this service is delivered by alcoholics as a part of their own recovery programmes. AA was founded on the 10th of June 1935 and is long established as one method of helping alcoholics become sober and stay sober. AA meetings allow alcoholics to talk together and assist each other in staying sober. The rules or philosophy of AA meetings were established in 1935 by Dr Bob and Bill W, the founders of AA and they are based on spiritual rather than religious principles. Attendance at AA meetings is free and to become a member of AA you do not need to have given up drinking, you simply should wish to.

Do AA meetings work?

Studies show that initial drop our rates at AA meetings are high, bit of those that stay a high number become sober and remain sober.

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