Bill Wilson

June 25th, 2012

Born on Tuesday 26 November 1895 in East Dorset, Vermont, William Griffith Wilson was the co-founder of the international organisation, Alcoholics Anonymous.

Using the name of Bill Wilson or Bill W, he himself was an alcoholic who sought after the support of other alcoholics after he feared he would suffer a relapse after a work deal went downhill.

He managed to get hold of Dr. Bob Smith and the two liaised and formed the AA which helps alcoholics become clean and sober.

Bill W remained sober since Tuesday 11 December 1934 and suffered depression for almost 11 years.

Wilson preferred to remain anonymous due to the AA tradition’s however after his death due to a battle with emphysema and pneumonia on Sunday 24 January 1971, he’s name was released publicly in various obituaries.

He was recognised by Time Magazine in 1999, when he featured in their listing of the Top 20 of the Time 100: Heroes and Icons of the 20th century.

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