Drug Withdrawal

December 10th, 2009

Drug withdrawal refers to the symptoms that may be experienced when a drug addict who takes drugs suddenly stops takes drugs. Drug withdrawal is usually seen in adults, but also occurs in teenagers and occasionally children.Symptoms of Drug Addiction A 300x200 - Drug Withdrawal Drug Withdrawal usually occurs within 6-24 hours after the last fix, and may last as long as one week to 10 days. Drug Withdrawal is more likely to occur when larger quantities of drugs are used regularly, and also if the person has other underlying medical conditions. Mild drug withdrawal symptoms include  loss of sleep, agitation, raised levels of anxiety and panic attacks. Other drug withdrawal symptoms include sweating and tremor. More serious drug withdrawal symptoms can happen such as actual vomiting and severe diarrhoea. The most severe and life threatening drug withdrawal symptoms are known as delirium tremens and include confusion, disorientation and visual hallucinations.

Drug detoxification involves the prescription of medication to relieve drug withdrawal symptoms and this is the safest way to stop taking drugs. Medication for drug detox is normally reduced in increments over a period of about one week, and if the detoxification is performed professionally by a qualified medic the patient will experience  few of the usual drug withdrawal symptoms

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