Cape Town Addictions Treatment Clinic (CPT)

July 30th, 2010

This addictions treatment centre is an upmarket private hospital offering high quality care for a range of psychiatric problems, including detoxification for all drugs including alcohol. They have several specialised units within the hospital that provide focused and comprehensive treatment solutions. The range of addiction services includes Primary care where, after the alcohol or drug detox is complete, the focus is on helping patients to reframe their perceptions of addiction and the damages caused.

Often addicted people minimise the consequences of their addiction, this is a natural occurrence and a part of being in ‘denial’. People who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs use defence mechanisms like justification, rationalisation, humour and deflection to protect themselves from the awareness of just how severe their addiction has become. This process is mostly unconscious and the addicted person is not to blame for their illness. Having said that, a critical part of the Primary Care addiction treatment process is to help patients take responsibility for their own behaviour, both past and present, and to look at what changes they need to make in the future, so it’s by no means a holiday camp without difficult challenges.Rehab Centres Cape Town

This clinic’s director was the first in South Africa to start the famous Minnesota model treatment. This method of addictions treatment and alcohol rehab uses a 12 step facilitation model as has proven very effective. This facility also has Secondary & Tertiary Care stages available. This is important as there has been proven a direct link between the length of rehab treatment and the patient’s ability to stay clean and sober afterwards.  For severe dependencies a treatment length of around 90 days is suggested.

This secure and attractive addictions treatment centre is located in a quiet, leafy southern suburb of Cape Town close to transport. Their staff complement includes psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychiatric and general nursing staff, and 12 step facilitation addictions counsellors. A range of other professionals such as occupational therapists, dieticians, art therapists, and family counsellors consult to the hospital. Accommodation is offered in comfortable two, three and four bedded rooms with private bathrooms.


As well as being a world class addictions treatment centre, (we have hundreds of patients who fly out from the UK, Europe, the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE – to attend treatment at South African clinics, they also have one of very few adolescent rehab’s to assist teens with behavioural issues and move towards becoming responsible adults.


As with all our partner clinics in South Africa this addictions rehab is covered by South African and international medical aid schemes. There is normally a self payment gap that the patient will have to fund.


It is absolutely incorrect to think that patients need to hit rock bottom and be entirely self motivated to enter addictions rehab for treatment to be effective.

The reality is that most commonly recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs is brought about through CRISIS not some spontaneous insight. It is most often the task of family members to bring about this crisis that leads to admission. Once families can learn how they enable the addicted or alcoholic person and learn how to adopt a stance that puts pressure on the alcoholic to make healthy changes, there’s a positive chance for recovery to happen.

Please call us today on 081 444 7000 for help on how to get your loved one into rehab:   SA: 082-74-REHAB (73422)

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