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The brain disease model of addiction is strongly supported by scientific evidence. Once addicted the brain has changed in ways that make stopping, even for those with the best intentions, very difficult.

Addiction to alcohol and others drugs is a complex problem and getting into recovery takes more than will power, intellect or strength of character.

Addiction is a disease that affects the reward centre of our brains and has been classified as a primary illness for more than 50 years. Substance dependence disorder is diagnosable & treatable, so it’s a prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) of medical schemes.

This means that most major medical aid schemes & PMI’s will cover substance addiction treatment at our facilities.  In cases where your medical aid does not cover the full treatment amount, a co-payment has to be made.  Contact us now to discuss this.

Our clinics are divided into three specific specialities with separate facilities and programmes:

  • Addiction treatment for adults
  • Psychiatric care for adults
  • Treatment for adolescents – whether addiction, psychiatric or behavioural issues.

It’s crucial that teenage populations are kept separate from adults.

Most patients on PMI in the UK choose to stay close to home & family. Usually PMI covers addiction rehab or mental health treatment in full.

The current US$ / GBP£ / Euro € exchange rates makes luxury rehab attractive to our patients from the Middle East, the UK & Europe, the USA and Canada who aren’t on PMI or would like an exotic rehab experience in a holiday destination. Costs for similar quality treatment in North America or Europe are around £20,000 / $30,000 for 28 days of inpatient rehab.

South African patients on a medical aid are covered in full. If you’re looking for a luxury rehab you’ll have to pay a little to top up what your medical aid will fund.

Although this PMB refers to substance abuse, we assist in maximising your medical insurance benefits for the inpatient treatment of process addictions like eating disorders, gambling & sex addictions as well as psychiatric conditions like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorder, OCD, PTSD, psychosis, sexual & gender impulse control, stress response syndrome, dissociative disorder, factitious disorder,  somatic disorder, TIC disorder.

WeDoRecover’s rehabilitation centre’s in South Africa, the UK & Thailand accept payments from international PMI’s like: Bupa, PPP, Van Breda, Interglobal, Aetna International, Allianz Worldwide Care, Cigna Global Health Benefits, Generali Global Health, IMG Europe Ltd, Pacific Prime, Humana, Allianz, AIA Insurance Group, Aetna Foundation, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Axa, Aviva, United Healthcare, Express Scripts, Zurich Insurance Group, ALC Health, AXA PPP International, Allianz Worldwide Care, BUPA, BUPA International, ExpaCare, Globality Health, MediCare International and Morgan Price International.

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