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Addiction Treatment

We’ve all experienced a dislocating life crisis, like the death of a loved one, major illness, a motor vehicle accident or some other trauma. Sometimes these can take place over a period of months or within seconds. Rehab for addiction is like this.

Moving from the culture of addiction into the culture of recovery is a mammoth shift. Treatment is a dislocating experience that requires a specific, clinically appropriate environment, created by qualified, experienced professionals that allows enough time for focused attention.

Here’s an example of what rehab is like. When aircraft are flying and change direction they make huge arc’s over many kilometres to change direction. Treatment is like taking an aircraft and turning it “within its own length”.

Because addiction has so many forms it is important to consider each patient as an individual. This allows a more accurate diagnosis and provides a richer understanding of the context in which the addiction has developed.

WeDoRecover has expertise in understanding the etiology and course of addiction and which treatment services may be required to address these.

A drug rehab program should be structured enough to provide a sense of safety to the patients but flexible enough to allow individual needs to be catered for. It should provide a range of therapeutic activities to address the facets of addiction from multiple viewpoints and treatment methodologies.

If you wish to access in-patient rehab immediately from only £1000/R7000 per week. Please call 0800 955 4357 from the UK or 081 444 7000 from SA

Drug abuse and addiction is now recognised as an international epidemic. Abuse and addiction is not only limited to illicit drugs but extends to prescription drugs as well. The avenues for procuring illicit drugs these days are multiple, despite restrictions, bans and severe penalties, and the use of these substances should be short-circuited with immediate effect, before serious addiction has a chance to take hold.

Addiction to Illicit Drugs

We Do Recover is here to help you or your loved recover from a serious addiction to illicit drugs and, like alcohol addiction, can suggest the right treatment facility for your individual dependence. Below is a list of the most common illicit drugs that facilitate addiction problems:

All of these drugs are known to cause severe health problems and extreme life alterations. Signs of addiction, behaviour and corresponding treatment vary greatly from drug to drug and We Do Recover can assist with particular procedure for each and every one.

Addiction to Prescription Drugs

The misconception that the use of prescription drugs is completely safe is a modern fallacy. Although doctors prescribe these drugs over the counter, the opportunities for addicts to abuse them are abundant. Prescription drug abuse occurs when anyone takes a scheduled drug in any capacity over and above the dosage prescribed by a doctor.

Whether to achieve a high or to increase a tolerance to a particular drug, prescription drug abuse is rife in the US and around the world. Many users crush and snort their prescriptions in order to speed up the desirable chemical effects on the body. The danger presents itself when an addict, in an effort to stop the addiction, negates the prescription drug altogether.

Rebound effects and chemical withdrawals often exacerbate the problem and expert medical help should be sought before one takes matters into one’s own hands to resolve an addiction. Just like illicit drugs, it is extremely dangerous to attempt detoxification from prescription drugs without professional aid.

In a rehabilitation facility for prescription drug addictions, medical staff will monitor a patient 24/7 and a thorough recovery program, which includes therapy and positive life changes, must follow suit. The following prescription drugs are the most addictive by international standards:

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to any of the above, or other, prescription drugs contact We Do Recover immediately and allow us to facilitate the most effective and safe recovery available.

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