Addiction Treatment Process

All the patients we help with addictions and mental health issues have similar symptoms. People are unique, their personalities and life circumstances are unique so each treatment plan needs to be individualised.

Our patients may be addicted to alcohol or other legal or illegal drugs; they may have process addictions like eating disorders, gambling, gaming and sex and love addictions. They may have other psychological disorders that co-exist with their addiction.

Sometimes patients haven’t dealt with a significant loss and have grief issues that need compassionate attention. They may have been physically or sexually abused. Some have suffered from depression or other mental health disorders. Some have been in an accident or fought in war and are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our patients are old or young, professionals or laymen, from wealthy backgrounds or have lost everything due to addiction; some of us have dysfunctional family backgrounds.
What’s important is that patients are carefully screened and assessed so that appropriate therapies can be delivered through a treatment plan that’s tailor made to each person’s needs.

Our accredited professional’s will comprehensively assess the nature and extent of the addiction history, factoring in mental health issues, levels of functioning in various areas, legal problems, familial, physical, mental as well as emotional health.  This assessment will determine whether outpatient treatment is sufficient or whether residential rehab is necessary to increase the likelihood of a successful recovery.

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Critical: If the rehab cannot accept medical aid payments (Private Medical Insurance in the UK), it is likely unregistered and not run by certified professionals. Unfortunately, these can be common in South Africa.

Ensure that the people treating you are accredited to practice in the addiction field through organisations like the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals, the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium or are qualified doctor’s, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists in good standing with their relevant boards.

The facility must be fully licensed. Fly by night rehabs will not have registration through organisations like the South African Department of Health, Department of Social Development & Board of HealthCare Funders or the UK’s Quality Care Commission.

The pre-admission screening and assessment phase is really a two-way street. Whilst the clinical team needs to know that they can meet the patient’s needs, there are multiple options that can be created to meet your individual and specific needs.

Deciding which option will work best for you requires some insight into addiction and its effective treatment. Contact us for help.

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