Rehab Clinics

June 25th, 2012

Rehab clinics aid people suffering with drug and alcohol addiction by providing them with psychological and medical treatment to help them recover and live a fruitful life.

Medically, each clinic will provide the patient with a detoxification process which will help ease the withdrawal symptoms that might occur due to abstinence from the substance they are addicted to.

Psychologically, each clinics treatment will vary (therapeutic community treatment, religious treatments) however the most common form of treatment used is the twelve step Minnesota model.

While each clinics methods will vary, they also share basic aspects such as: patients have to remain sober at all times, offering a programme that teaches the individual to live a life without the addicted substance, a required length of treatment ranging between1 and 9 months depending on the type of addiction and inpatient detoxification for those severely addicted.

Research has also proven that inpatient treatment provides a better chance of recovery than outpatient treatments due to the constant monitoring and care of patients who reside in a rehab clinic.

Also discovered was that patients who failed to complete the minimum of 28 days in short term treatment and 90 days in long term treatment were four times more at risk of suffering a relapse than those who did.

Clinics that keenly participate and support and customise each treatment for each patient will have a better success rate than clinics that don’t.

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