Drug Abuse

December 10th, 2009

Drug abuse is more correctly referred to by the medical profession as substance abuse, but for the ordinary person drug abuse gives a clearer picture for many of the common drugs. Drug abuse occurs when drugs are used forSymptoms of Drug Addiction A 300x200 - Drug Abuse pleasure in an addictive way. What starts off as an experiment soon becomes and addiction and a real illness. Drug abuse can lead to many harmful effects on the body.  But drug abuse is also well recognized as a cause of deteriorating relationships especially marriage breakdown.  Drug abuse is also associated with increases in crime, violence and unemployment. Drug is a depressant and drug abuse is a common cause of depression.  Although typically the drug user will see taking the drug as a way of relieving their depression. Drug abuse can be treated, and this would most safely involve a supervised medical drug detoxification followed by a period of rehab at a drug rehabilitation centre.

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