Binge Drinking

December 10th, 2009

Binge Drinking: a term used to describe excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, either within a short time frame with the express purpose of getting drunk; or a steady amount of alcohol over a long period of time. Five or more Alcohol Abuse1 300x280 - Binge Drinkingdrinks for a male and four or more drinks for a female constitute binge drinking. For younger people under the age of 25, binge drinking is the most common type of drinking problem.  In terms of amounts of alcohol, binge drinking normally means more than five drinks for a man and more than four drinks for a woman in one session.

Binge drinking can be very dangerous, and every year it leads to many deaths, through both the direct effect of the alcohol, but also through the huge rise in accident risk.  Studies have shown that after heavy drinking the risk of injury increases as much as seven times (Gerhard Gmel of the Alcohol Treatment Centre in Switzerland). In fact binge drinkers are at greatest risk of accident than chronic heavy drinkers or those who are alcohol dependent.

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