October 19th, 2010

A 12-Step support group and fellowship for the relatives, friends and colleagues of alcoholics.  Al-Anon’s view is one of ‘powerlessness’ over the alcoholics drinking and that it’s best to focus on helping oneself before you can effectively help the alcoholic. The fits in with the view that alcoholism is a family disease. Alcohol Treatment 45 296x300 - Al-AnonAlcoholism has the ability to spread shame, secrecy and fear amongst those associated with it. This fellowship offered by Al-Anon is a source of support and strength for relatives, friends and colleagues of alcoholics, allowing them the ability to look after themselves first, and stop putting their own best interest aside to protect the alcoholic.

This may sound cold to some, but often, once relatives and friends find the strength to look after themselves and stop looking after an alcoholic, that the alcoholic is in turn moved to find alcohol recovery and long term sobriety.

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