Alcohol Withdrawal

January 2nd, 2010

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol can be a physically addictive substance, causing alcohol dependency (addiction to alcohol). When a person suffers from alcoholism their physical body experiences withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal is range of symptoms which occurs when heavy drinkers or those who are alcohol dependent stop drinking. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms range from nausea, itching and mild shakes through to anxiety Alcohol Treatment 45 296x300 - Alcohol Withdrawaland depression and can extend as far as life-threatening complications including seizures that can potentially kill the alcoholic. It’s critical for alcoholics to seek medical intervention when trying to stop drinking. Please call us today if you’re experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms and need help to arrange an immediate private alcohol detox. One of the dangerous symptoms of alcohol withdrawal is delirium tremens which is the medical name for confusion, hallucinations and convulsions which occurs for about 5% of alcoholics and can ultimately lead to death if medical attention isn’t sought.

This is why alcoholics should seek medical assistance when deciding to stop drinking. Most alcoholics require a medicated alcohol detoxification to help them withdraw from the substance is a safe and medically controlled method. Detoxification treatment or alcohol detox is coming off addictive drinking of alcohol in a safer more controlled way, with close medical monitoring for signs of serious alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This will often be accompanied with drugs such as Librium (Chlordiazepoxide) under medical supervision.

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