Do You Want To Overcome Addiction?

Addiction is something that is not just easily shaken off. Once addicted, overcoming a dependency to alcohol or other drugs takes hard work and to increase the chances of successful recovery, professional addictions treatment. We often hear people saying thing like “my wife is addicted to shoes” or ice-cream and chocolate or similar. It seems everybody’s overcoming some form of addiction these days!

A more accurate clinical term for addiction is dependency. A physical addiction to alcohol or other drugs is a brain disease, a syndrome in which consuming more chemicals is needed to stop withdrawal symptoms from occurring. Whilst not all dependencies produce a physical addiction it’s important to quantify what an addiction is before we can accurately establish what it will take to overcome.

Alcohol is a physically addictive drug and most alcoholics suffering from an alcohol dependency will require an alcohol detoxification prior to treatment, as their bodies go into withdrawal without alcohol. Once addicted it takes a great amount of personal work and effort to recover. There are various types of addictions, from drugs, alcohol, Internet, sex, gambling and even eating disorders and there are various ways that one can overcome addiction.

The most successful ways involve assistance from professional addictions counsellors and other clinicians (psychologist, social worker, nurses, GP) at a treatment centre. Around 4% of addicted people have the ability to overcome addiction and stay clean & sober for a year by themselves. What about the other 96 percent?!

There are definite steps to follow when wanting to overcome addiction. The first for some people is admitting that there is a problem and being open to the idea of change. It’s often thought that unless the addict enters treatment of their own accord – they cannot overcome addiction. This is NOT true! Most addicts enter rehab under some form of external pressure from family, friends, employers and even the courts. The interesting thing is that this pressure only helps to keep people on the right track! There’s nothing wrong with helping an addict to overcome addiction by raising their rock bottom to a place that they can feel it more effectively.

Please contact WeDoRecover to discuss ways that we can help you to get your loved one into treatment. Family and friends have a important role to play in getting patients the treatment they need. Many addicted people are somewhat aware that they have a problem but are in denial of the severity of their addiction and the negative impact it has on them and those close to them. Helping them to increase their awareness of the problem is paramount to them beginning to take responsibility for it.

There are two main types of support for those looking to change; community based and step-by-step program based. The next logical step would be to abstain from abusing the substance or activity that you are addicted to. Of course if you are provided with professional assistance you may undergo a detox and be provided with the support and steps to get through this successfully. In order to do this one may even need to change their social circles or bring about a change in the way they spend their free time.

Finding out what addiction treatment centres work and finishing the programme, then attending aftercare and 12 step recovery meetings like AA – Alcoholics Anonymous is by far the best way to break free from the shackles and overcome addiction.

With the help of WeDoRecover and their 20 years of international experience in quality addictions treatment and rehabilitation, you can find a wealth of valuable information and advice with one phone call. Our advisory service will ensure that you are able to locate treatment centres in your area and find out more on what they offer. This includes details on their daily programs, living quarters, exercise facilities and meals.

There is every opportunity to overcome addiction provided to individuals across the country by various treatment centres. If you would like information and assistance in finding the centre that is ideal for you, then contact We Do Recover and discuss your options with them today.

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