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Heroin Treatment

An opiate treatment program is likely to be the most successful way to treat addiction to heroin. Prescription drugs such as Dilaudid, Percocet, Oxycontin, Vicodin can also be treated in this sort of program as they are all members of the opiate family. Even though these drugs may have been prescribed by a doctor they are still very addictive. It is not only heroin addicts who can benefit from being admitted to a drug rehabilitation center. Leaving heroin addiction unchecked places the addict at risk of death or severe health complications – seek treatment immediately!

You may have developed tolerance if you notice that your user has escalated and you are using higher doses than normal or you are using more frequently than you used to. If you notice that you feel ill when you stop using then you are showing signs of dependence. Both of these are warning signs of addiction. Consult with your local drug rehab to discuss whether you might have a problem.

The treatment plan for heroin addiction

The treatment plan for heroin addiction usually starts with a medically supervised detoxification (detox). This will help the addict through the uncomfortable first week by making the withdrawal symptoms more manageable. Once a person is completely clean the drug rehabilitation treatment can begin.

Heroin addiction and outpatients

Outpatient treatment is not usually suitable for treating heroin addiction. Opiates are physically and psychologically addictive and normally require an intense residential treatment program. Some people argue that long-term treatment is most effective for heroin addicts and that they should remain in a step-down facility for up to a year after drug rehab. This would help them to readjust emotionally and heal some of the physical damage that the addiction has caused.

Heroin rehabs in South Africa

Drug rehabs in South Africa are expert in dealing with heroin addiction. Many clients fly from all over the world to be admitted to drug rehab clinics that are affordable and staffed by experts. Let We Do Recover help you to find a treatment facility that suits your needs.

Additional Resources

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