Rehabilitation Hospital

June 26th, 2012

A rehabilitation hospital is a licensed healthcare facility that provides treatment to those that abuse or are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Some rehab hospitals may treat process addictions like gambling, sex & love, eating disorders as well as the more common prescription drug addiction and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs like codeine which is often abused in cough medicines.

Treatment is usually done on an inpatient basis and uses medical care, addiction counselling and group therapy to help educate patients about their addiction and how they can get into stable, contented recovery.
Rehabilitation hospital staff are usually qualified medical professionals and other addiction treatment consultants with experience in the field of addiction.

There are lots of rehab facilities to choose from; however the best and most commonly used is the 12-step facilitation Minnesota model.

While there may be lots of options available for those addicted to drugs or alcohol, the rules and regulations of each rehabilitation hospital will be similar. For example, patients in treatment commonly stay for a minimum duration of 28 days.

Supervised medical detoxification takes place during the initial phase of treatment and medication used will depend on the severity and duration of the addiction to minimise withdrawal symptoms that may be experienced prior to the patient engaging in full time rehab activities (group therapy, individual counselling lectures).

It has been proven that those who remain in treatment for the full duration of the program have a better chance of avoiding a relapse once discharged from the rehabilitation hospital.

It’s important that all rehabilitation hospitals work closely with their patients by supporting them and guiding them through the program and that they modify their treatment methods to suit every individuals needs.

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