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June 25th, 2012

Rehab centres assist individuals struggling with drug and alcohol problems recover from their addiction and help them to live a normal life, clean & sober, once treatment has been completed.

Rehab centres offer medical treatment such as detoxification and psychological treatment, including addiction counselling and other therapies, to those suffering with an alcohol and drug addiction, which is vital in the path to recovery.

Psychological treatment commonly involves the use of 12 step rehabilitation; however other treatments such as therapeutic rehabilitation and religious based rehab centres are also used.

Although each rehab centre will differ, they also have similar requirements such as patients who reside at the clinic will have to stay away from drugs and alcohol, the centre has to offer a programme which teaches the individual to live an alcohol and drug free life after they have been discharged.

More similarities that rehab centres share is the duration period of treatment, which usually lasts between 1 to 9 months depending on the severity and type of addiction. Also, if needed, rehab centres will provide an inpatient detoxification before a rehab programme has been done.

In a study done by the National Treatment Outcome Research Study (NTORS), it was discovered that inpatient treatment (residing at a rehab) offered a better chance of a successful recovery than outpatient treatment (community based treatment).

It was also found that individuals who left the rehab centre before the minimum of 28 days in short term treatment programmes and the minimum of 90 days in long term treatment programmes were more susceptible to a relapse than those who completed it.

It has also been discovered that rehab centres that participate wholeheartedly in patients treatments by providing support and altering their treatments to suit each individuals needs, are more likely to have a better recovery success rate.

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