Drug Addiction Treatment South Africa

December 10th, 2009

Drug addiction treatment is the medical and psychological treatment for drug dependence. There are two parts to Symptoms of Drug Addiction A 300x200 - Drug Addiction Treatment South Africatreating drug addiction. The first is the medical part of safely withdrawing from drug misuse. It can be dangerous to come off drugs too quickly and a medically supervised drug detox may be required. The lengthy part of the drug addiction treatment process is the rehab or rehabilitation which prepares the former drug addict to cope with a drug-free life. Drug addiction is a disease and it is not a simple matter of saying no; a drug addict will have a very strong craving for more drugs, and they need help in dealing with future situations to keep themselves drug free and prevent relapse. Drug addiction treatment in South Africa usually takes the form of rehabilitation occuring at residential drug treatment centres, but can be provides in the community as regular out-patient or after hours program attendance and AA/ NA meetings. Ongoing care or counselling, is often beneficial in preventing relapse.

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