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February 29th, 2012

Alcohol hospitals provide medical and psychological help to individuals to recover from alcoholism.
These hospitals offer alcohol detoxification as well as rehabilitative treatments – both vital in the path to stable recovery.
The treatment at each alcohol rehab center will differ as there are various types of treatments to suit individual needs; however the most prolific method is the 12 step Minnesota model treatment.  
Although the treatment at each hospital is different there are some commonalities important to recovery from alcoholism. Most alcohol hospitals use an eclectic blend of therapies to best meet the patients individual needs.
Most clinics expect patients to abstain from all drugs and alcohol during their treatment and only to use medication provided by the medical team that supports their treatment and therapy.
Staying in treatment usually lasts 28 days to some months ad is again dependent on patient needs. The earlier phases of rehabilitation deal with detox and gaining a better understanding of alcoholism and how it negatively impacts of patients lives. Later stages deal with reintegration into work, home and a sober lifestyle.
It is important to complete treatment as patients who self discharge are 4 times more likely to relapse than those who finish rehab.
For more serious alcoholism residential/in-patient treatment has shown to be more effective than community based rehabilitation approaches.
Alcohol hospitals that provide bespoke treatment plans tailor to individual alcoholics needs are more likely to better engage their clients and therefore have better treatment outcomes. 

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