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Gambling Addiction Treatment

Are you concerned that you or someone close to you has a gambling problem? There is professional treatment available, please do not suffer in silence – call us today for immediate help.

Below is some information for those who are struggling with a gambling addiction or are worried someone close to them might be.

What is Gambling Addiction?

The compulsive need to gamble is an impulse-control disorder. In the society we live in today gambling is a very accepted and social activity , adverts bombard us on the TV and on the internet and at our local shops as we are offered the opportunity to beat the odds as we do our weekly grocery shop with scratch cards.

Most of us can buy the odd card, win or lose we don’t really think much more about it. There are those of us though who aren’t content with once in a blue moon opportunities to win big , those of us who become compulsive gamblers are convinced we will win its only a matter of time.

No matter what odds are stacked against us or how much it is affecting our existence financially we will continue to have ‘just one more try’.

If you are aware that this is you or know someone it sounds like then getting professional help is easier than you might imagine.

If you wish to access in-patient rehab immediately from only £1000/R7000 per week. Please call 0800 955 4357 from the UK or 081 444 7000 from SA

Signs, Symptoms and Risks of Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction Unlike drug addiction the outward signs of a gambler may not be so obvious , gambling is referred to as one of the ‘Hidden Illnesses’.

Gamblers are notoriously secretive much like other addicts about their problem, this is both through shame and through the delusional thought that they are keeping their habit from you so they can one day surprise you with a ‘big win’.

One of the things you may notice if you live with a gambler however is the amount of money coming in and out of bank accounts will be very sporadic, sometimes they may appear to have a lot of money and be splashing it around and other times with will be asking to borrow money as they have ‘a cash flow’ problem.

Depression is a common co-existing disorder for gamblers and this depression is known in certain circumstances to lead to suicide when gambler feels helpless and hopeless about the debts they have ran up.

Lack of sleep through playing online casino games all night is another common symptom and something to be concerned about. Items going missing from the house or the selling of possessions without explanation is also a red flag.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

Are You Addicted To Gambling? It’s often assumed that the gambling addict must be vitally aware of their problem and willing to enter treatment for rehabilitation to work – this is NOT TRUE.

Gambling treatment and recovery programmes are plentiful but it’s worth remembering as with any addiction stopping isn’t the hard part, staying away in the long term is what counts therefore out-patient group therapy or individual counselling on a long term basis is critical.

Contact one of our gambling addiction counsellors who will be able to guide you through the process of treatment and recovery and help you along the path that would suit your individual needs best.

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