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May 21st, 2012

Rehabilitation SA can be referred to as providing help to people that have become addicted to alcohol and other drugs in South Africa.

This rehabilitation in South Africa is primarily given in the form of inpatient treatment centres that provide addiction recovery to addicted people and their families.

This includes illustrating ways and behaviours to help the addict live life without drugs and alcohol.
There is a wide variety of treatment options available for people with drug and alcohol addictions in South Africa, however the most commonly used form is the 12 step programme.

Each rehabilitation centre will be different to another but the basic structures of each rehab will remain the same, for example the duration period of treatments will be same depending on the individual’s addiction and also the requirement that all patients have to remain alcohol and drug free.

Studies have also shown that for severe dependencies inpatient treatment might be a better treatment option than outpatient treatment, due to the fact that individuals who reside in rehabilitation are monitored and receive care and support 24/7.

It was also proven that those who completed the minimum of 28 days in short term rehab and 90 days in long term rehab were quadruple times less likely to suffer a relapse than those who left treatment early.
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