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Understanding Addictions Treatment Consultants-Part Two

Addictions Counsellors

Part one of this article on Addictions Treatment Consultants is found here. Within the first 24 hours of being admitted to a quality addictions treatment center patients are usually introduced to their focal addictions counsellor.

Every team of addictions treatment consultants has a number of addictions counsellors who support patients in the dismantling of their denial.  Before counselling work, of any real depth, can take place a solid rapport will need to be built between the addicted patient and their counsellor. For the team of addictions treatment consultants to be effective the patient has to trust them and work together to reduce the gap between how the patient perceives their life and addiction and how it truly is.

Professional addictions treatment consultants will be aware that addiction is a primary, incurable, progressive brain disease. It’s crirtical to understand that all other problems must come second to the drug addiction treatment.

One of the commonly held addiction treatment myths is that exploring and dealing with the supposed root causes of the behaviour (low self esteem, dysfunctional relationships, perhaps even trauma such as sexual, physical or emaotional abuse) will resolve the ’symptomatic’ addiction and heal the patient. Any quality team of addictions treatment consultants will know that this is the cart before the horse and that it’s paramount to first stablise the patient in addiction and alcoholism recovery before treating any underlying conditions.

The beauty of this approach is that;

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol any psychiatric, psychological or counselling assessment is blurred due the active dependency. By removing the drugs through detoxification and seeking alcohol addiction help, once the patient is in stable recovery, many other problems simply disappear.

Once in stable addiction recovery the assessment will be accurate and treating any underlying issues (self esteem, abuse etc) or co-morbidity (depression, borderline and other personality disorders) can be appropriately treated.

One useful tool to narrow the discrepancy between how the patient perceives themselves and their addiction is to obtain collateral from family, friends and employers. Skilled addictions treatment consultants will know how to best enhance the patients awareness enabling them to acknowledge and begin to accept the often terrible consequences of their addictive disease and behaviour. This awareness needs to also extend to the lives of their family and friends so they can begin to take stock and make amends.

A sad reality for many people who suffer from the disease of addiction is that the family members and friends who love and support them most, often unconditionally, are usually the ones that suffer the most as a consequence of their self-centered behavior to feed the habit.

If you currently find yourself in a situation like this please do not hesitate to call us today. We are staffed by experienced and impartial addictions treatment consultants who can provide practical and immediate rehab solutions. The best help is only a phone call away.

It is agreed amongst teams of addictions treatment consultants across the world that the process of treating addiction should involve regular individual counseling sessions with an addictions counsellor and a number of daily group therapy sessions. The various addictions treatment consultants at each rehab center will facilitate group therapy sessions and work together for the best patient gains.

An addictions counsellor is a qualified counsellor who has specialized in the field of chemical dependency in order to become a valued member at a rehabilitation centers team of addiction treatment consultants. It is by no means essential for an addictions counsellor to be a former abuser and every practitioner brings a unique perspective to the treatment process. However a lot of addictions counselors are former substance abusers who have found the freedom of abstinence to be such a wonderful gift in their lives they are compelled to train as professional counsellors in order to support others in finding and enjoying the same freedom.

These former drug addicts and alcoholics also have a great deal of empathy for sufferers of the disease and a strong capacity to help patients break through the often thick layers of denial surrounding their addiction issues, including eating disorders, dangerous sexual behavior and gambling addiction. Every quality drug rehabilitation centre has a team of highly effective and experienced addictions counselors who work in constant consultation with one another and the rest of the center’s team of addictions treatment consultants to guarantee objectivity in all cases, guage every patient’s progress and ensure that each patient gets the best possible help they have to offer.

This of course means that every patient has the best possible chance of breaking their addictive habits and reclaiming the happy, healthy life they and their families deserve. Call us right now to find an addictions treatment consultant near you.Part three of this article on Addictions Treatment Consultants is found here.

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