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Addiction Treatment Consultants-Part Three

General Practitioner / Medical Doctor

We hope that this series of articles on addiction treatment consultants has helped to clarify a few of the roles that combine to promote best practice in the effective treatment of addictions to alcohol and other drugs or behaviours.

The first article in the series of three is found here – Addictions Treatment Consultants-Part One

Quality addiction treatment centres will have a resident or consultant Medical Doctor whose initial task will be to oversee the clinical detoxification of new patients. Some of these doctors are highly qualified having specialized in addiction medicine. Working in close collaboration with the psychiatric and medical nurses to monitor and adjust the detoxification medication, as and if needed, is paramount to the patients comfort and perception of addiction treatment.

Retaining addicted patients in treatment is a crucial task and allowing them sufficient medication to be comfortable and not intoxicated can be a difficult tightrope for addiction treatment consultants to walk works in conjunction and constant consultation with a Medical GP. A general practitioner is another essential part of the comprehensive team addiction treatment consultants.

The addictions doctor ensures that any medical issues highlighted by the nursing staff can receive appropriate care and referral if necessary. Medical staff are superb at role definition and know exactly how they slot into the team of addiction treatment consultants, seeking help from other professionals if they are unqualified to deal with any aspect of patient care.

Furthermore for many people who suffer from the disease of addiction the local general practitioner is often the first port of call when the telling signs of addiction problems begin to reveal themselves in our professional and family lives. It is good working practice for every GP to at least be aware of the help available to suffering addicts who go to them searching for assistance so they can point them in the direction of an effective team of addiction treatment consultants at a rehabilitation centre.

Addiction to alcohol or other drugs is progressive and can be fatal. If you or a loved are suffering from the negative effects do not hesitate, call us right now. We will find the best suited addiction treatment consultants in your area and arrange an immediate assessment of your needs.

Medical Nurses

Nursing staff are an essential part of every drug rehabilitation centres team of addiction treatment consultants. Nursing staff, whether psychiatric or general nurses, form an integral part of the addiction treatment delivery and are on site twenty-four hours a day.

Addictions treatment nurses are responsible for administering the medication deemed necessary for a patient by the doctor. Nurses also monitor a patient’s reactions to their medication and remain in constant consultation with the psychologist, social worker and counseling team to ensure the correct dosage is prescribed to every individual. Nurses play a crucial part in the detoxification process and care for the patient’s medical needs on a day-to-day basis.

Understanding Addiction Treatment Consultants: Conclusion

You will now have an idea of the scope of professional experience within a team of addiction treatment consultants and the need for each member’s invaluable skills to assist every patient that enters a rehab centre to deal with their addiction issues. Be sure that the addiction treatment you decide on has a highly effective team of addiction treatment consultants.

“We work with some of the best addiction treatment centres in the world. Do not hesitate to call us now for a free impartial, consultation on how to find the best possible addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, TODAY!”

Teams of effective addiction treatment consultants across the globe and the world health organization recognize addiction as a primary illness. Without appropriate care this primary, progressive illness can become so severe that it can take over your life completely. This means that unless it is dealt with quickly and effectively it will dominate your life and the lives of your loved ones and things will only get worse and worse. “Call us now to find the best possible solution for your difficult situation”

The second article in the series of three is found here – Addictions Treatment Consultants-Part Two

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