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When faced with an addiction to alcohol, other drugs or addictive behaviours – trying to break free and rehabilitate to a productive and normalised lifestyle can seem like an overwhelming challenge for patients and their families who are trying to arrange a registered rehab treatment for their loved one.

Fortunately, help is at hand through many quality registered rehab treatment centers. Ensuring that you attend a well established and long registered alcohol or drug addiction rehab will make the challenge of a substance-free future easier to achieve as each aspect of treatment is faced with the aid of professionally trained staff.

Is it Important for Addiction Treatment Centers to be Registered?

It’s critical that when helping a person with an addiction, you find a registered rehab treatment and not choose untrained and unprofessional rehabs as the patient may actually deteriorate rather than improve. A registered rehab treatment programme will employ expert addiction treatment consultants providing people seeking recovery proper facilities to empower the addict. Professional addiction counselling will be available and the detoxification costs and overall treatment rates should not be excessively expensive.

It is fundamental for addiction treatment centres to be registered as the patient is assured of trustworthy and accredited service. With the stress that already accompanies withdrawal and rehabilitation, it is best to choose a rehab programme that will not add more stress to the process. If you’re dealing with a registered rehab treatment it is one less thing to be anxious about.

What to Look for in a Registered Rehab Treatment Programme

Quality addictions treatment will provide a constructive, nurturing and healthy atmosphere for its clients to learn about the necessary transition from the culture of addiction to one of recovery.  Patients can be in a depressed state on arrival at rehab and a thorough medical and psychological screening should be done. This will be standard practice at a registered rehab treatment.

An registered rehab treatment environment will encourage addiction recovery and can pick up when patients are immersed in ‘old behaviours’ and not making the necessary transition to a new and healthier lifestyle and way of thinking.

These registered rehab treatment centers are far more effective than a punishment-based treatment that may be found in a programme that is not registered. Any kind of corporal punishment, hard labour or isolation is harmful  to the addicted patient and not empowering in any way. The aim is long term recovery rather than a quick fix that may easily lead to relapse. These type of unregistered rehab treatment centers are often read about in the newspapers for violating the legal and human rights of addicted people.

We understand that the addiction has brought about a crisis of the family and that value for money may be a paramount consideration but please do not enroll your loved one at an unregistered rehab treatment center.

If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol or other drugs, WeDoRecover can help you to intervene and arrange immediate admission to a private drug addiction treatment centre or alcohol rehab. Please

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A registered rehab treatment will be operated by qualified addiction counsellors, trained medical personnel and other addictions treatment consultants. Therapy is a major part of the road to recovery for addicts as the whole person is dealt with rather than only the symptom of addiction. Drug or alcohol abuse rehab will work through these issues helping towards long term recovery. Patients who participate in a regular daily schedule that includes therapy have a better chance of remaining sober and drug-free as long term recovery involves far more than abstinence.

A registered rehab treatment centre will be organised and run according to all the by-laws and municipal requirements. The centre generally has admission criteria for the residents to ensure that every possible means to success is thought through. A practical set of house rules for all of the patients to live by will also be part of the procedure and patients will need to agree to abide by them before admittance. A medical and psychiatry treatment policy for the facility should be included in the centre. Nutritious and healthy balanced meals need to be part of the inpatient facility as a healthy body will respond better to treatment and therapy.

The wonderful thing about attending a registered rehab treatment is that the patient is assured that the programme has been approved by the relevant authorities and that it is worthy of their trust. The patient is guaranteed to receive quality help in every realm including emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual health. Addictions treatment and Alcoholic Detoxification Is Most Successful When Approached Holistically, this comprehensive approach is an added advantage on the path to lasting recovery.

When attempting to break the stranglehold of addiction the best care and help that is available is a major advantage to the patient. For help in choosing a registered rehab treatment to suit your unique needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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