Managing Your Family and Work Responsibilities During Rehab

One of the biggest worries for many addicts looking to get addiction treatment is how they will be able to take care of their families or keep their job if they get into rehab.
Many of us simply do not have the luxury of dropping everything and admitting ourselves into a rehab centre for 4 weeks or longer. However, just because you don’t have the time, doesn’t mean that your addiction has to be left untreated as it’s an illness that will only get worse.
Managing your family and work responsibilities during rehab is just another obstacle that needs to be overcome and in this article, we’re going to tell you how.

Finding Someone to Look After Your Children or the Elderly

If you have kids, the last thing that you want to do is to send them away to stay with someone else while you receive treatment for your addiction. The same principle applies if you are caring for an elderly individual who depends on your support.
This task gets even harder if you are a single parent or you have a husband or wife that works long hours.
However, there are ways to deal with this problem. Speak to family and friends about the possibility of looking after your loved ones while you get addiction treatment.
Feel free to speak to the rehab centre about this problem too, as they might have helpful contacts that you can use, such as church groups etc.
While this may seem tough, allowing your addiction to continue will only harm the health and wellbeing of yourself and those you love the most.

Fear of Job Loss

Another fear that keeps addicts away from addiction treatment is the worry that they will lose their job if they stay that long in rehab. The truth is that if the addiction is left untreated, you may eventually become unemployed anyway!
Speak to your boss about the possibility of getting into rehab for your addiction, in fact, he or she might even know that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol due to lack of productivity in the workplace or your increased absenteeism.
Find out if there are options available to cover this, even if it is unpaid, as when you return, you’ll still have a job.

Fear of Debt

Another reason to why so many addicts don’t get rehab is the worry of falling into debt due to rent, bonds, accounts or any other important expenses that have to be paid.
If you are fortunate enough to have family members that are able to pay these accounts in your absence, speak to them about this.
Once discharged, you can even speak to your boss about the possibility of catching up on the time spent in rehab by working weekends and holidays in order to garner some extra funds to pay off any debts you might have.

The Price of Not Getting into Rehab

We understand your situation and we know how tough it will be to drop everything that’s important to you in order to get into rehab.
However, addiction is a disease that will only get worse as time goes on and the costs of not getting treatment are far higher. You could lose the relationships with your children and other family members or you could end up being divorced.
Your health and wellbeing will also pay severely if the addiction is left untreated and over time and continued use, it may eventually lead to death.
If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, we urge to get help immediately, regardless of the situation you find yourself in. For access to the best private rehabilitation centres in South Africa, call us now and let one of our qualified addiction counsellors find the best treatment available for you.

Paul Gascoigne Admitted into Alcohol Rehab for the Third Time

Paul Gascoigne, synonymous for grit and fight back on the football pitch, is now battling to overcome an addiction to alcohol.
The 45 year old former England International has been admitted into a two month alcohol rehabilitation program in the United States. According to a report in the Guardian, Gascoigne willingly accepted to get treatment amid fears about his health.

In fact, these fears became a reality as while appearing at a charity event in Northampton in January, ‘Gazza’ as he is fondly known as broke into tears in front of a big audience.
This will be Gascoigne’s third stint in alcohol rehab, after being admitted in August 1998 to the Marchwood Priory hospital for alcohol and stress treatment & in June 2001 after he was ordered by Everton manager Walter Smith to get help for his drinking problem.

Gascoigne’s management company, Gameplan Solutions, released a statement on his current situation and said that they have been touched by the responses they have received.
England and Chelsea star Frank Lampard spoke about how his idol (Gascoigne) helped him kick start his successful football career.
“I was lucky enough to be involved in Euro 96 with him as a kid and he took me under his wing,” said Lampard.
“I was completely in awe of his character, how much he was joking around and more than that the quality of his football. Whatever anyone says about Paul Gascoigne, he was my hero and he’ll always be that.”

What We Can Learn From This

As you can see regardless of whom you are, famous or just a regular Joe, addiction can happen to anyone.
The fact that Paul Gascoigne was willing to get into alcohol rehabilitation is a positive but there is often a misconception that unless someone wants to get into addiction treatment, it simply won’t work. It’s been proven time after time that if a patient is forced into rehab, it will have no effect on whether it will be successful or not.
This will be Gascoigne’s third time in alcohol rehab, which just shows you that there is no guarantee that treatment will be successful and rehabs that do promise this are usually scammers.
The most important thing that should be taken out of this is Gascoigne’s perseverance to actually get into rehab for the third time. This is usually the point where an addict may feel that treatment simply won’t work but the reality is that if alcoholism is left untreated, it will only get worse.

If you or a loved one is addicted to alcohol, we urge to get help immediately before things spiral out of control. We can provide you with access into the best private addiction treatment centres in South Africa.

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Source: The Guardian

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