Drug Abuse Rehabilitation – Part 1

Did you know that most drug addicts are pressured into treatment and that this has little to do with whether rehabilitation is successful or not?!
The old myth that people who need drug abuse rehabilitation have to ‘want it’ for treatment to be effective is completely untrue. Once addicted the brain has been altered through persistent drug abuse and will not return to its pre-addicted state, even after years of abstinence.
Being delusional, in denial, about the nature and severity of their drug abuse is normal for an addicted person. It’s natural for them to not see the full picture to minimise, justify and rationalise, blame and project and defend with furious anger their drug using.
All of this is a part of the drug abusers defence system and is the task of addiction treatment consultants to help patients see themselves more clearly and to begin to assume more responsibility for their addiction recovery. This process will begin in any quality drug abuse rehabilitation centre and will request family involvement.
Drug addiction has been proven to be a disease and being admitted to an inpatient drug abuse rehabilitation centre for professional treatment is sometimes the only way that patients are able to change the destructive spiral of dependency.
Caught in the trap of physical addiction causes patients to suffer withdrawal symptoms if they stop using, so drug addicts lead a life where their every thought (obsession) and action (compulsion) is focused on getting and using and finding ways and means to get more.
Many drug addicts try to stop using on their own and discover that they are unable to do so. Once past the stage of drug abuse and into a full blown addiction, only around 4% of drug abusers can get to one year’s uninterrupted clean time without treatment.
Sometimes an addict is forced into a drug abuse rehabilitation by the criminal justice system as an alternative to prison.  This is usually for the relatively minor crimes that addicts may commit in order to fund their drug usage.
Theft of mobile phones, shoplifting and so forth could all result in being sent for drug rehabilitation if these crimes were committed to support drug abuse.  People who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol also sometimes book themselves into alcohol abuse treatment centers.
The patient’s initial motivation may be to show the court that they are remorseful for their behaviour but after a time in alcoholism treatment, hopefully they end up staying for the right reasons.
Please contact us today if yourself or a loved one has a drug abuse problem and needs a referral to the best treatment centre near you.
Our addiction treatment counsellors are standing by to make the drug abuse rehabilitation a smooth process.

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