Alcoholism Rehabilitation

It is often said that the only way alcoholism rehabilitation can be successful, is if the addict is a highly motivated participant in the treatment process. The belief that most alcoholics sober up as a result of exerting willpower still permeates societies misunderstanding of addiction and its effective treatment. While this is certainly a valuable attitude on behalf of the alcoholic, this assumption is simply not true. In fact, pre-admission levels of motivation have little relation to alcoholism rehabilitation successes. As with any addictive brain disease the patient’s level of insight into their own condition is gravely diminished and this is a normal part being in denial.

The reality is that most alcoholics that enter rehabilitation under some form of external pressure from their family and friends, employers, even the court system. These forms of coercion actually help in getting addicted patients to be admitted to clinics and also to adhere to the treatment programmes recovery expectations.

It’s a total lie that people addicted to alcohol and other drugs need to be self motivated and “ready for rehab” to profit from rehabilitation. The alcoholic’s illness makes them incapable of seeing just how destructive and negative their drinking has become. Waiting for them to hit ‘rock-bottom’ or to see the light is not only wasting time and rehabilitation opportunity it may very well prove dangerous.

Unwilling and defiant alcoholics can defeat their drinking problem prior to hitting “rock bottom”. It’s important to provide enough intervention guidance and support for the family to stop enabling the alcoholism and to teach them to act in unison to manoeuvre the alcoholic into effective rehabilitation. The family and friends of a person addicted to alcohol or other drugs can either continue to enable the addictive behaviour and alleviate its consequences, or begin to put the addicted person in a position where they have to acknowledge their illness and start to take responsibility for it.

If you or someone you love is addicted and needs alcoholism rehabilitation please contact WeDoRecover for immediate access to the country’s finest private addiction treatment centres.

It happens very often that alcoholics do not want to give up drinking. This urge is more than a desire to keep on drinking – it is often fuelled by the fear of what will happen when they stop drinking. Even though these individuals might be very well aware of the health risks involved with their excessive drinking, their body now registers the need for alcohol as something that is fundamental for survival. Why is this?

The excessive use of alcohol over a long period of time leads to a number of physiological changes in the body. The nervous system is subjected to the toxin that is alcohol, which acts as an inhibitor. The body gets used to this state of being over time and starts accepting it as the norm.

When alcohol is now taken away, the body goes into a state of shock, known as withdrawal and the brain is subjected to hyper-excitability. This is why it is so important for addicts to seek professional help for detoxification and alcoholism rehabilitation.

A number of serious medical symptoms can be expected, including anxiety, feeling sick, trembling, sweating, craving for alcohol and even convulsions. This can be dangerous and even fatal in some cases. Medication, such as Chlordiazepoxide (librium), is available to help curb the alcohol withdrawal effects but it is clear that medical attention should be on hand in case of an emergency.

Finding the right alcoholism rehabilitation centre to meet your needs can be a very complex process. On the one hand, it’s likely that you’re in some form of crisis due to the chaos associated with active addiction and on the other, the multitude of choices in the marketplace can be overwhelming.

At We Do Recover it is our purpose to match the most beneficial treatment to your needs, considering your budget, your specific addiction and treatment history, as well as your age and other risk factors. For more information on the service we offer, contact us.

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