Drug Addiction Treatment Centres

Drug addiction treatment centres offer specialised care in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. There are many different ways that this treatment is provided and varying qualities of treatment facilities.
All the various options can seem overwhelming when looking for a quality drug addiction treatment centre and it may make sense to contact anaddiction treatment consultant for help in choosing between the various rehab options.
It’s important to ensure that the treatment philosophy is based on current medical science.  Similarly you need to make sure that the overall quality of treatment is worth the money you pay.
Currently scientific approaches to treatment are based on the observation that having a multi-disciplinary team offering a comprehensive treatment program leads to better outcomes at drug addiction treatment centres.
“Multi-disciplinary” means that the team is composed of various addictions treatment consultant’s from different clinical disciplines – doctors, psychologists, addiction counsellors and social workers for example. Comprehensive addiction treatment is one which addresses all areas of addiction and recovery.  Areas such as physical, mental, social, vocational and spiritual should all be addressed in the programs offered at an effective drug addiction treatment centres.
The first phase of the program at drug addiction treatment centres will be to assess the patient and prescribe an appropriate detoxification program.  Each case is different and so a medical doctor will oversee the process to ensure the safety of the patient, as well as to reduce the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms.  These drug withdrawal symptoms arise as a result of physiological dependence – the body of an addict becomes so accustomed to the presence of drugs that it cannot function normally without them.
Withdrawal symptoms can range in severity from uncomfortable (sweats, anxiety, cramps) to dangerous (convulsions, seizures, hallucinations).  Drug addiction treatment centres will be equipped to deal with them with the least possible risk to the patient.
Addiction is often characterised by two chief symptoms – withdrawal symptoms and tolerance.  The detox program is designed to breaking at least the physiological dependence on drugs.  Psychological dependence will be addressed through addiction counselling in the actual rehab phase of the drug addiction treatment centres program.  Another characteristic of addiction is the repeated compulsive seeking and use of drugs despite the myriad negative consequences.
As mentioned earlier, addiction recovery involves more than simply becoming abstinent from drugs.  This is the focus of the phase following the initial detoxification.  This program is the area where drug addiction treatment centres will be most different from each other.  Each facility will have its own individual treatment philosophy which will influence the mixture of their groups and the focus they place on various aspects of addiction.
The addiction treatment centres will generally offer a program that includes the following themes:

Addiction group therapy – wherein the group is led in topic discussions by a facilitator.  These groups afford members the chance to discuss their problems and receive feedback from their peers.  This feedback helps to encourage and inform them.
Individual addictions counselling – By meeting with a counsellor for one-to-one counselling the patient will receive highly personalised therapeutic input.  They will be coached into new recovery based behavioural patterns and afforded the opportunity to come to terms with their past.
Art therapy – this employs creativity as a way to express emotions and issues while bypassing the cognitive filters that might prevent true expression.
Psychodrama – this is an exciting form of therapy that employs novel methods to explore relationships between people

Drug addiction treatment centres will use these and other forms of therapy to provide a holistic approach to treatment as well as provide the chance to extend into Secondary or Tertiary Rehab.
If your drug addiction is spiraling out of control and you feel that you can’t manage your life anymore then please don’t delay in contacting one of our addiction referral counsellors.  They will offer a confidential assessment and provide expert advice in choosing a rehab that will work for you.
Please call us to discuss on our addictions helpline.

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