Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Programs

It’s often and entirely wrongly, assumed that unless the drug addicted patient is willing to go to rehab that treatment will be a waste of time and money.

Please understand that it’s natural for someone with a chemical dependency to respond angrily, justify and rationalise their addictive behaviour and do whatever they can to delay their admission into a drug addiction rehabilitation program. This resistance is usually a sign of the severity of their illness, not a sign that they’re unable to accept their drug problem. It’s the task of the drug addiction treatment consultants that work together at the rehab programs to find ways for patients to see more clearly their behaviour and it’s negative consequences.

It’s important to realise that most drug addicted patients are cajoled, squeezed and pressured into rehab programs by their family and that this has very little to do with successful treatment outcomes. If you’re concerned about a loved one’s addiction to alcohol and other drugs please call us today to find ways to access quality treatment near you. Often peple addicted to drugs and alcohol have very strong preconceived ideas about what happens in a rehab program. The truth is that specialised drug addiction treatment programs do work and can help patients to reclaim their dignity and lead a fulfilled, happy life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Finding drug addiction rehabilitation programs near you

Because chemical dependency is a global problem there are drug addiction rehabilitation programs available throughout the world.  There is a very good chance that such a program exists in your local area.  It is sometimes better; however to look further a field than limit yourself to just the rehab centres in your area.  You may find that there is a rehab which is better suited to your needs. Of course it might not be possible for you to exhaustively research every clinic – which is why it’s a good idea to get professional addictions advice and an independent, expert assessment. Please contact us to arrange one today.

Choosing between drug addiction rehabilitation programs

The best drug addiction rehabilitation programs are those which are able to cater directly to your specific needs. This means that they should be flexible enough to offer specialised services and employ a variety of different addictions treatment consultants. Luxury rehabs will also offer additional facilities such as gymnasiums, Jacuzzis and improved accommodation. Therefore when faced with a range of drug addiction rehabilitation programs you should look into

  • What types of professional staff do they employ?  Do they have doctors, psychologists, social workers and addiction counsellors?
  • What sort of groups and activities do they offer?  Do they offer art therapy, drama, lifeskills, gender groups, as well as traditional psychotherapeutic group therapy?
  • What facilities do they have?  Gym?  Pool? Suana?
  • Are they properly registered with the appropriate government bodies?

Once you have acquired this basic information you will be better equipped to start making comparisons between drug addiction rehabilitation programs.

What should I bring to drug addiction rehabilitation programs?

Most importantly bring an open mind!  But seriously, in order to keep the facility safe just about all drug addiction rehabilitation programs have rules about what may or may not be brought onto the property. There are different rules for each facility and you should phone ahead to find out what they allow but here are some items which are generally not allowed:

  • Drugs and Alcohol as well as paraphernalia (pipes etc),
  • Cellphones,
  • Pornography,
  • Items associated with gambling,
  • Alcohol based aftershaves and  spray deodorants

What happens in drug addiction rehabilitation programs?

First and foremost will be a medical examination to ensure that you’re not in medical danger.  Only once the doctors feel that you are able to will you join drug addiction rehabilitation programs.  It may take you a few days to detoxify properly and be ready to join the “therapeutic community” in the daily activities. During this time you will most likely receive medication to lessen the discomfort and danger of detoxification.
After the “drug detox” period you will join in the daily program which will likely consist of a variety of different groups as well as individual counselling.  The aim of the program is to help you gain insight into the nature of your problem and to find ways to change your behavior.  The rationale is that if you change your behaviour then your life will improve.

A program will last a few weeks after which you will be discharged and expected to continue with a maintenance program.  This will usually entail attending 12 step fellowship meetings on a regular basis and returning weekly to the centre for aftercare sessions.

It can save your career, your family, your very life – there are lots of reasons to look for substance abuse counselling  advice. A fatal overdose can happen at any time, so don’t delay – call one of our drug addiction treatment coordinators today.

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