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When people think of alcoholic rehabilitation centres they may initially be confused about the huge amount of options from which they may choose.  Not only do you need to be assessed to determine whether you have alcohol abuse symptoms or full blown alcoholism  there probably several rehab clinics in your local area but there are also international options to consider.

If someone has an alcohol abuse problem then they may be appropriate for an out-patients programme which is essentially an after hours rehab that enables people to continue to work and live at home. Not all alcoholic patients are suited to this and some may need full time, inpatient alcohol rehab.
Many patients are admitted to alcoholic rehabilitation centres in some form of crisis, considering where to go and what sort of program to enroll in can seem a huge task for the alcoholic and their families.

Please phone WeDoRecover and speak to our expert treatment consultants for help in choosing the best alcohol rehab for your needs.
In South Africa call 082-74-REHAB (73422) or in the UK call 0808-26-REHAB (73422).

Luckily you can narrow down the field of alcoholic rehabilitation centres to choose from by applying a few simple criteria.  Not every one of these clinics will be entirely suitable to your particular treatment needs.  Also, some may be too expensive for you.  Specialist addiction treatment consultants are usually best to talk with when choosing a clinic because they will be familiar with the centre’s programs and fee structures.
By explaining your needs to an assessment counsellor you can be helped to find alcoholic rehabilitation centres that are best suited to you.

Programs at alcoholic rehabilitation centres

There are a variety of different sorts of programs on offer in alcoholic rehabilitation centres.  Some rely on outdated ideas such as behaviour modification and are going to be less effective than programs that draw on the decades of research that has followed since behaviour modification was en vogue.

A good program offered at alcoholic rehabilitation centres will be put together by suitably qualified professionals.  Only somebody with many years of alcoholism treatment experience will have the insight required to blend together the various psychotherapeutic options available into a recipe for successful alcoholic rehab. Ideally the program should be “outcomes based” meaning that proper research has been conducted into treatment outcomes and the program modified accordingly.

The amount of time you are required to stay in alcoholic rehabilitation centres will differ depending on the type of program.  Intense programs can be as short as 28 days, while longer programs can last for several months.  It all depends on the individual to see which sort of program will be best suited.  Research has shown that, for severe dependencies, longer treatment periods are associated with better outcomes – longer sobriety and a higher quality of life.

Dual diagnosis and alcoholic rehabilitation centres

It is not uncommon for alcoholics to suffer from a second psychological issue such as depression.  When this is the situation the person is said to have a “dual diagnosis”.  Alcoholic rehabilitation centres will employ specialist doctors or psychiatrists who are skilled in recognising and treating these dual diagnoses. They require special attention because sometimes the symptoms of alcoholism can be confused for symptoms of another disorder.  For example if a person feels depressed when they’re drunk can they really be diagnosed with depression until they’ve been sober after leaving alcoholic rehabilitation centres for a few months?  Maybe if they stop drinking they’ll feel happier? Having a dual diagnosis doesn’t mean that you can’t recover.  It might be a little more difficult because the symptoms of the second issue can interfere with your ability to work your recovery program.  However people with dual diagnoses are more than able to recover fully.

Alcohol Rehab Group Therapy Treatment Centre

Be sure to check that the alcoholic rehabilitation centres on your list have access to specialists who are experienced with dual diagnosis.  You don’t want to continue feeling depressed simply because the clinicians were inexperienced!  Check with your WeDoRecover alcohol rehab consultant about this.

Why are alcoholic rehabilitation centres needed?

To put it simply– it is very difficult to stop drinking without help.  Many alcoholics have a genuine desire to stop drinking but find that they cannot.  Getting support from professionals, medical assistance to deal with the “shakes” and being taught how to stay sober after drying out are all excellent reasons that alcoholic rehabilitation centres are necessary.

If your alcoholic drinking is causing distress to you or your loved ones please consider checking into a clinic for help.  This is a progressive and fatal illness, which can be arrested with proper treatment.  Contact We Do Recover for expert advice on choosing a rehab program that will suit you.
Please call us to discuss on:
UK: 0808 26 REHAB (73422) or
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