Rehabilitation Clinics

May 21st, 2012

Rehabilitation clinics present medical and psychological treatment to those suffering with a substance addiction.
These clinics teach addicts how to live a life without addiction to drugs and alcohol.

There are lots of addiction treatment methods available; however the best and most effective form of rehabilitation remains the twelve step Minnesota model.

In rehabilitation clinics, the main requirement for all patients is that they have to stay away from alcohol and drugs.
The clinic is required to provide the individual with medical treatment as well as a programme that will help them integrate back into society. All programmes will also have to be run between 1 and 9 months, depending on the individual’s addiction.

If necessary, medical detoxification will be used to help remove any withdrawal symptoms the patient might feel, however it is important to note that detox is not a cure for addiction.

Completion of treatment is a necessity, as it was found that early leavers were more likely to suffer a relapse.

Rehabilitation clinics that provide well devised programme customised to every patient’s addiction and support the individuals in treatment will have a much higher recovery success rate.

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