Why People Become Addicted To Alcohol

Alcohol is possibly the most popular drug used around the world today. However, it’s also one of the most widely abused substances available. When someone becomes addicted to alcohol, it can have damaging effects to the health and wellbeing of those with a drinking problem, as well as to the people around them. Alcoholics are physically and mentally dependent to the substance and won’t be able to cope without it. But what makes alcohol so addictive?

In this article, we’ll tell you why people become addicted to alcohol. What many people don’t know is that alcohol is poisonous to the body. That’s right, poisonous.

The brain and liver has to adjust to accommodate the intake of alcohol each time it’s consumed, while still trying to maintain your health. This causes these two bodily organs to work harder than ever before. However over time and continued drinking, the brain and liver will eventually give in to the poisonous chemicals found in alcohol, leaving the body in some ways damaged beyond repair or it might even be fatal. Alcohol is a mood stimulating drug, meaning it helps relieve any stress or anxiety that people may feel. This is one of the substance’s main allures, especially in times where people will do almost anything to relieve the pressures of everyday life.

If you are wondering if you or someone you love could be addicted to alcohol, answer these four questions:

  1. Do you they drink alcohol to relieve stress?
  2. Do you they drink at irregular hours of the day? (During work hours etc.)
  3. Do you they ever drink so much and experience blackouts? (The inability to remember anything while you they were intoxicated.)
  4. Do you they need to use alcohol to survive the day?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then an addiction to alcohol may be present.
Addicts believe that alcohol is the answer to everything. What they don’t know or just plainly ignore, is the fact their drinking is just making everything far worse than what it ever was. The nature of the addiction is simple: Drink more to avoid facing the problems of the real world.

Alcoholism 101

Alcoholism may run in the family. Some people may have genes that may subject them to becoming alcoholics should he or she binge drink at any point in their lives. If you come from a family where one member may have been previously addicted to alcohol, then there’s a better chance that you could become an alcoholic as well as pick up illnesses such as liver disease, brain damage and in some cases it could even lead to death. If you or a loved one is addicted to alcohol, then its best to seek professional help, as believe it or not, hardly anyone is able to quit on their own, let alone it being dangerous to the health of the individual.

The best way to treat alcoholism is by residing inside a alcohol rehabilitation centre, where patients will receive a supervised medical detoxification to help remove the poisonous toxins of the drug out of the body and to help cope with any cravings or withdrawal symptoms that may be experienced. Patients will also receive 24 hour medical assistance as well as various counselling and therapy, such as individual counselling and 12-step group meetings. Both are aimed at educating alcoholics about their addiction and how they can avoid drinking in the future.

The length of the stay in rehab will be entirely dependent on the nature and severity of the addiction suffered, however, there is a minimum requirement for all patients to remain in treatment for at least 4 weeks. Outpatient treatment is also available for those fresh out of rehab or who cannot stay in an alcohol rehabilitation centre due to unavoidable commitments. Patients will be able to stay at home while attending regular daily counselling and therapy sessions at the rehab clinic. Tertiary care is also available for those looking to continue their treatment and is highly effective in helping recovering addicts achieve long term sobriety.

We provide access to the best private alcohol rehabilitation centres all over South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand. Call us now and let one of our qualified addiction counsellors assist in finding the right treatment available for you.

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