What You Should Know About Alcohol Detoxification

Alcohol detoxification plays a very important role in helping addicts achieve recovery from alcoholism. Most addiction rehabilitation centres choose to start their treatment programs with an alcohol detox, which helps remove any cravings or withdrawal symptoms their patients may experience due to the substance being unavailable for use.

Here’s what you should know about alcohol detoxification.

Alcohol Detoxification is Not a Cure

While alcohol detoxification may help ease the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism, it’s certainly no cure for addiction. It’s merely a step of a lifelong healing process that requires lots of dedication and commitment. Rehabilitation, counselling and therapy are all just as important as a detox in recovery.

Alcohol Detoxification isn’t a Long Process

The alcohol detoxification process can take as little as a week to complete; however the length of it is highly dependent on the extent of the addiction suffered by the addict.

Alcohol Detoxification Needs to be Done Before Rehab

In order for the treatment program in rehab to be effective, alcoholics need to go through an alcohol detoxification as it removes the harmful toxins of the substance out of the body, which may cause a relapse. Most inpatient and outpatient programs include it in their treatment methods.

Alcohol Detoxification Can Cause Withdrawal Symptoms

During the detoxification process, the alcoholic’s body will be under lots of stress and the individual may experience feelings such as body sweats and hallucination as the body prepares itself to live without alcohol.

Alcohol Detoxification Should Always Be Done Under Medical Observation

It’s important that alcohol detox is done under the watchful eyes of medical professionals as withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to very severe. In fact, it may even cause death. The doctors and staff at the rehab centre are trained to help addicts safely cope with the feelings they’ll experience, while maintaining good health.

Alcohol Detoxification is Not Always Successful the First Time

Like many things in life, there are no guarantees and the same goes with alcohol detox. The procedure is a long and hard one and the risk of a relapse occurring is at its highest. However, patients who work hard at it are usually the ones that come out successful.

A Successful Alcohol Detoxification is a Worthy Achievement

Getting through an alcohol detox is no easy task and those who are successful should rightly feel proud of themselves. If you or a loved one is addicted to alcohol, then it’s important to get the best help available. We provide access to the most reputable private alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation centres all over South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand. Call us now and let one of our qualified addiction counsellors find the best treatment for you.

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