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In the United Kingdom, health care is a part of the public service to the nation and falls in the same category as public education, police services and the public road networks.

The NHS (National Health Service) provides free medical and hospital care, as well as subsidised or free prescription medications to all United Kingdom citizens. They are a publicly funded universal healthcare system and aim to spread financial risk arising from ill-health, just as PMI (Private Medical Insurance) aims to do.

All NHS costs are met directly from general taxation. The general belief is that NHS does a reasonable job under very strained conditions but many people feel the need for extra health cover that allows access to private healthcare facilities, including no waiting times for alcohol and other drug addiction treatment.

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is insurance that pays for your medical expenses incurred from either illness or an accident. It is designed to cover the expenses of your medical treatment at hospitals and clinics that are run privately and private health cover is a good way to compliment the healthcare choices provided by the NHS.

Scientific research has shown that addiction is a chronic, relapsing disorder which responds to appropriate treatment in much the same way as other chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and asthma.

There is now scientific evidence showing that approaching addiction as a treatable illness is cost-effective in the long run and in the broader spectrum. Greater understanding of addiction will help in treating and supporting addicts and alcoholics, as well as reducing the overall social consequences and making better use of the taxes we pay too!

In the spirit of treating drug addiction and alcoholism as a disease, Private Medical Insurance pays for treatment for this chronic illness.

The United Kingdom has private health care, which is paid for mainly by private insurance. Less than 8% of the country’s population has any private health insurance and the largest PMI health care insurance companies in the UK are BUPA, AXA, Aviva, Groupama Healthcare, PruHealth, WPA & Van Breda Most of these companies view addiction and alcoholism as a disease and treat it that way.

Private medical insurance is mostly designed to cover you for short term, curable conditions with prompt treatment in a private clinic or hospital. The exact details of what is covered will vary considerably from policy to policy. However, many people with dependency problems (drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, sex addiction & gambling) have complex psychological and social issues, as well as physical problems.

Successful chemical dependency treatment requires a multi-disciplinary approach, where the best treatment of addiction and alcoholism includes healing of the entire person with the aim of restoring the patient to full function in the full spectrum of life.

As alcoholism and drug-addiction regularly require in-house treatment many Private Medical Insurance policies treat these under their hospital in-patient benefits. This treatment includes medication for detoxification as well as potential stabilisation of underlying psychiatric problems, group therapy & individual counselling and rehabilitation. The psychological causes as well as the physical consequences are dealt with. This treatment invariably forms part of the traditional comprehensive cover that pays for private care at a time that suits the client. There are hundreds of different variations depending on the insurance company.

Reputable PMl companies offer the individual confidential assessment of the problem, as many of our UK rehab centres do. PMI and treatment centres will work with the individual’s GP to recognise treatment needs and ensure appropriate treatment is available at a suitable time.

We Do Recover helps dependent people and their families access addiction treatment within the UK, Thailand and South Africa. We only work with the best residential and out-patient addiction treatment clinics. Several of our residential rehabilitation treatment centres near London are recognised healthcare provider to all the major PMI’s) Private Medical Insurers, including BUPA, AXA, Aviva, Groupama Healthcare, PruHealth and WPA, AXA PPP, Cigna, Van Breda and many more. They are registered with the Commission for Social Care Inspections (CSCI) and all pertinent UK authorities to ensure quality and safety.

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