Spotting Marijuana Use

Marijuana is commonly misunderstood and many people mistakenly believe it is a harmless drug that can be used recreationally without consequence. Research suggests that prolonged marijuana use can lead to addiction and physical damage to the brain. Addiction is a progressive illness which means it gets worse over time if it is left untreated. This means it is key to spot marijuana use early and provide treatment in a drug rehab center in South Africa as soon as possible. The sooner somebody is treated the less time their addiction will have to wreak havoc in their life.

Signs of Marijuana Use

So how do I tell if somebody is using marijuana? Some signs of marijuana use:

  1. Problems concentrating: Somebody who is using marijuana will even have difficulty having a normal conversation. Their thoughts may wander off to unrelated subjects and they will struggle to stay on topic.
  2. Increased appetite: After smoking marijuana (“pot”, “zol”, “mary jane”, “dope”, “dagga”) the user may feel intensely hungry and will binge eat.
  3. Lethargic and demotivated: These effects persist even after the intoxication (“high”) from marijuana use has dissipated. Marijuana smokers will lose interest in doing anything other than getting high and sleeping.
  4. Drug paraphernalia:
  5. Laughing inappropriately: Somebody who is intoxicated on marijuana may laugh uncontrollably and inappropriately.
  6. Legal and financial problems: Marijuana is an illegal drug and users may encounter problems directly related to obtaining and possessing it. Users may need to find ways to finance their drug habit and resort to borrowing or stealing money. Heavy marijuana users are often not able to sustain a meaningful job (see point 3).
  7. Irrational fear and paranoia: Marijuana users will often become plagued by insecurities and a deep paranoia that “they are out to get me”.

If there is somebody you know who is showing these signs then it is fundamental for you to ask them if they need help. You could consider staging an intervention to help them make the decision to seek help in a drug rehab center in South Africa. Marijuana is a dangerous substance and can expose the user to a number of compromising situations. It is best to receive effective drug treatment as quickly as possible.

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