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Prices of Rehab for Eating Disorders

Trying to arrange help for someone with an eating disorder is sometimes very frustrating as not all rehabilitation centres accept insurance plans and many people cannot afford the high medical costs associated with in-patient rehab.  Many of the health insurance plans also tend to limit the treatment costs, so it’s important to find out how much of the price of rehab for eating disorders they’ll pay.

What Will the Medical Insurance Cover?

The major insurance companies generally offer a full or partial payment on prices of rehab for eating disorders. It is important to find out what your medical insurance includes. However, for those who do not have sufficient medical insurance cover and need to cover the costs themselves there are a few options to consider.

Will the Rehab Centre Offer Any Flexibility?

Look for rehab centre’s that are prepared to arrange sliding fee payments based on different financial situations. Many treatment centres’ will liaise with the insurance companies on your behalf and come up with a suitable plan for everyone. Some rehab centre’s offer the client’s financial advocacy to help and give counselling concerning fees and payment options.

Is an Outpatient Option Available?

Another option to consider is an outpatient program as this helps to avoid many of the high overhead costs of inpatient rehab. This eliminates the cost of the accommodation and higher staffing as the patient attends on a day to day basis, rather than staying on the property 24/7.  There are some treatment centre’s that also offer treatment on a session to session basis, where you pay per individual session rather than joining a full program.

Who is the Treatment Marketed To?

It is advisable to choose a rehab facility that is not marketed to wealthy clients. It is not necessary to have luxurious amenities for the treatment to be of a high quality. Even though it is wonderful to have swimming pools, steam baths, an ocean view and other such facilities, their purpose is not critical to the treatment process and they cause the price to skyrocket.

Look at the Location of the Rehab Centre

The location of the eating disorders treatment centre also influences the price. A centre that is located in a safe area, but not necessarily with scenic views on prime property will cause the prices to be more affordable, as opposed to a treatment centre with sea views or mountain vistas.

What is Included in the Rates?

Services and daily rates should also be considered in the hunt for the most suitable and cost effective eating disorders rehab program. Try to find a program that will charge a flat rate that includes daily services.  The important factors are to determine what the most appropriate level of care for your individual situation is and to set up a meeting to discuss the payment options that are available to you. Are private payment plans a possibility? Will you be able to pay by credit card? Find out exactly what is included in the costs and what extras still need to be paid for. Think of every scenario and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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Rehabilitation for eating disorders can add up and be very expensive. You may not want to enter treatment due to the financial burden it may place on your family, but you also need to think of the long term benefits. If you have an eating disorder there is the chance that you are already spending a huge amount of money each year on your problem. Put those expenses into the context of the price of rehab in the short term, as opposed to the financial burden this disorder causes in the long term.

The best way to find out what is best for your situation is to contact one of our eating disorders treatment counsellors today. They’re trained to answer your questions and are astanding by waiting for your call.

They can advise you on the best facilities in your area top match your budget and treatment needs.

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