Prices of Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detoxification is the start of the recovery process for anyone with a drinking problem, however in many cases people aren’t aware of what the prices of alcohol detox are and whether they can afford to be admitted to a detox clinic because it can be expensive.

Different Options for Affordable Detoxification

The prices of alcohol detox are as varied as the number of available alcohol detox clinics. Much will depend on the choice of treatment, program offered as well as the overall facilities and level of luxury.
Obviously, an outpatient detox facility will be more affordable than an inpatient facility. The difficulty here is that by the time someone becomes an alcoholic they’ve totally lost control of their drinking and cannot stop without being admitted to a detox clinic. More often than not alcoholics need to benefit from in-patient detoxification as they cannot stop drinking at home, regardless of the intensity of the out-patients programme.

It can actually be quite dangerous to try a home alcohol detoxification without a medical assessment and medication. Please contact us to find the prices of alcohol detox clinics near you and what your alternatives are.

Private detox clinics generally serve alcoholics better as most admissions are crisis driven and State funded alcohol Detox hospital ward’s can have long waiting lists. So alcoholics and their families trying to find an immediate admission to a detoxification clinic are forced to look at private rehabs.
A private luxury addiction treatment facility will also cost more. Outpatient centre’s have the lowest costs because there are no overnight stays. The program is run during the day making it convenient and affordable. The private alcohol detox clinics are more expensive and generally provide a better quality service. They are certainly not just for the rich and famous.

Find a Balance Between Affordability and Desirability

One of the major reasons for discontinuing treatment after detox is due to the costs involved.
The price of detox is easily offset by the savings made during the first months of being clean and sober. Aside form the financial savings, the lower risk of being involved in destructive behaviour is invaluable. (Engaging in drunken unprotected sex, car crashes)

It would be ideal not to have to consider the costs, however in the real world, it is usually essential to balance the price with the overall quality of care. An affordable clinic that you approve of is what should influence the choice of detoxification program. The good news is that less expensive alcohol detox programs also provide very good treatment. It is not necessary to pay an exorbitant amount of money to receive quality care.

One of the disadvantages of choosing a cheaper alcohol detox program is the long waiting period for admittance to the program. Another disadvantage is the practice of accepting patients for a limited period due to the amount of people waiting for treatment. Unless you have an unlimited budget and are looking to be a little spoilt during you alcohol detox it’s important to find a balance between affordability and quality facilities. One area you don’t want to compromise on is medical care.

Some patients with private funds choose to travel to Thailand or some part of South Africa for a luxury alcohol detox and get daily massages and counselling to assist in ensuring that they don’t’ return to drinking. Do some research and find a drink detox program in your area that offers good quality services at an affordable rate or contact for advice on what is available in your area.

Include the Prices of Medication in Financial Planning

When looking at the costs of alcohol detox, it is key to know exactly what the program includes in its treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask what the extra or hidden costs are and what your health insurance provider will cover.  Always include the price of medications while working out the cost of treatment.

Look at Costs in the Context of Long Term Recovery

In the quest for value for money, remember that the costs need to be looked at in the context of quality and long term recovery. Also remember that insurance generally pays for medical methods rather than educational programs.

Some of the most expensive detox programs offer additional services that are not always necessary, such as luxury facilities like swimming pools. They are simply perks but have no bearing on the detox procedure and should not influence the decision-making process. When deciding upon an alcohol detox program check out everything including the basic hygiene in the program facility and the timelines of the medication.

It is best to physically visit the program and get a feel for the treatment centre. Make sure that you are completely comfortable and satisfied with the program before you make your choice.

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