Not all alcoholic rehabs offer the same service part 2

While we didn’t cause the alcoholism we can certainly do a lot as family and friends to help change our behaviour in relation to the alcoholic and pressure them into receiving some treatment.  It is common to resort to “role playing” in the family, exploring these roles honestly, accepting any responsibility and beginning to ask for help in changing them will go a long way towards effective alcoholism treatment.

You can read more about Unhealthy Roles in Alcoholic Families here.

It’s critical that the alcoholic rehabs have professional and experienced medical staff that can prescribe Librium and other drugs to promote a comfortable and safe alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol is a serious drug and detoxifying without medical supervision can result is serious consequences including gran mal seizures and death.

Intervention for an alcoholic can happen at any stage but obviously the earlier the better.

It’s important for family and friends to realise the important role that they play in an alcoholic’s life and that if they make changes the alcoholic has to consider rehab and recovery. Please contact one of our addiction treatment service advisors to discover how you adopt the best stance in relation to your alcoholic loved one.

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Due to varying degrees of alcoholism, individual histories and personality types, not all alcoholics require the same level of care and attention. It is key to review alcoholic rehabs with the aim of finding one that offers the appropriate treatment required by the specific individual.

Having run alcoholic rehabs in both the United Kingdom and South Africa our addiction treatment consultants are perfectly positioned to advise you on which rehabs provide the best services.

Whilst willpower is key in helping to seek alcoholic rehabs and to help in briefly stopping drinking, willpower is not associated with successful relapse prevention. Successful alcoholic rehabilitation relies upon eternal vigi­lance.

Having some form of external direction seems important and this is why AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is introduced to patients in alcoholic rehabs. It serves as an important part of any relapse prevention treatment program as well as a useful reminder of how bad their drinking was. Attendance at AA support groups or similar, is one of the common denominators amongst alcoholics who achieve long term sobriety.

Even if the alcoholic hasn’t reached a desperate state of decay and lost nearly everything they will still need the help and support of others. Often these types of high functioning alcoholics opt for treatment at one of our after-hours (out-patient) luxury alcoholic rehabs.

Other alcoholics benefit from a short stay at anyone of a number of alcoholic rehabs and others need to be admitted for 28 days or longer to restructure their lives and build a sober future.

Attending a quality alcoholic rehabilitation centre is an opportunity to benefit from not only the experience of a multi-disciplinary addictions counselling team but also to gain the collective wisdom of fellow patients trying to sober up and other recovered alcoholics who run AA and other support groups at the alcoholic rehabs.

By the time alcoholics are so dependent on alcohol that they feel they cannot survive without it, they are very ashamed and very scared. Being admitted to an alcoholic rehab is a frightening process and even though they know that the alcohol is harmful to them, this fear is part of what keeps them returning to the bottle time and time again.

For any severe alcoholism it’s better to try and arrange a stay in rehab for around 90 days.  This extended support offers alcoholics the best chance to change and stay sober.

Apart from the different facilities these alcoholic rehabs offer, some may have saunas, pools and Jacuzzi’s – others are in very rural locations with minimalist luxury, these rehabs also offer various treatment methods.

As with other diseases, different treatment modalities exist. It’s the same with alcoholism, various treatments are available are finding which alcoholic rehab will best meet your needs is our speciality. Please contact us to find out which alcoholism treatment centre will work for the individual in question.

We provide impartial addiction advice to help you choose the best rehab centre for your needs. We offer immediate admission to alcoholic rehabs and work with a large range of addiction treatment centres in South Africa, the UK and Thailand. Contact us now to get free advice to help you into alcoholic recovery.

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