More About Alcohol Abuse – From A Professional Drink Rehab Clinic

Alcohol addiction and abuse is often something individuals suffer from for quite some time before friends or family recognise that it goes beyond what’s considered to be normal.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that active alcoholism is a common addiction and many people experience it for longer than they need to before seeking professional addiction counselling and getting the help they need.

It is therefore imperative that you ask for the necessary assistance when you recognise that a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction.

Seeking professional help

By seeking help from professionals who have the required alcohol abuse counselling skills, as well as knowledge of local South African drink rehab clinics and their assessment procedures you can get your loved one’s problem evaluated and a suitable treatment plan in place.

Getting your alcoholic loved one the assistance they deserve as soon as they need it, is a priority.

It has been proven that the harder it is for alcoholics to access drink rehab clinics, the larger the proportion of people who will fall by the wayside without getting any help. Also, the longer any delay between asking for help and actually getting admitted to an addictions treatment centre, the less effective that treatment is likely to be.

So don’t delay at all, seek help right now. We have many recovered alcoholics whose treatment was forced upon them by loved ones and purely due to the crisis brought about by their families are now clean & sober. If you’re waiting for the alcoholic to have some seminal experience, a moment of self induced clarity… we could be waiting a VERY LONG time.

If the alcoholic does recognise their need for detoxification and treatment, the shorter the time frame between when the alcoholic asks for help and when they get to a drink rehab clinic the better their chances of a contended, sober future.

Alcohol, a depressant

Alcohol is a depressant that is consumed in liquid form. It enters the bloodstream when absorbed through the stomach and is then sent to all the body’s tissues. The effects of alcohol on the body are dependent on the individual and can be influenced by the following aspects:

  • A person’s size and weight.
  • A person’s age and previous exposure to alcohol. Also known as tolerance, the more addicted I am to alcohol the more I can consume and appear normal.
  • A person’s sex.
  • Amount of food and liquids consumed before alcohol is ingested.

Consuming alcohol makes many people feel uninhibited and talkative which is why it is so often used in social settings.

Negative side effects of alcohol

Of course the high comes with its set of negative side effects which can include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, lack of sleep, slurred speech and impaired concentration. Further to that when under the influence of alcohol it is impossible or unsafe to operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle.

While these side effects may seem unpleasant to most, those who are addicted are unable to control their addiction and will continue to drink despite the negative consequences. This ‘loss of control’ is one of the diagnostic criteria to be determined an alcoholic.

From alcohol abuse to alcohol dependence

Once a drinker has moved from alcohol abuse to alcohol dependence (addiction) they’ll need inpatient treatment at a suitable drink rehab clinic. The addiction treatment centres task is to assist such individuals in realising their past issues and to provide them with the help needed to take responsibility for their road to recovery.

We Do Recover is an independent online service offering expert advice and information on alcohol addiction and how to assist friends and loved one’s towards recovery. This service also offers valuable information on local drink rehab clinics that you can turn to for Detox and treatment.

If you are looking for a drink rehab clinic to assist with alcohol abuse victims then take the time to contact We Do Recover and chat to an Intake Co-ordinator about various treatments that are available. Waste no more time – make that call today.

Waste no more time – call us today.

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