Get Help for Drug Detox

Different people start using drugs for many different reasons but at some stage most people realise that they need to get some help to detoxify form their drug usage as it is becoming harmful. The first stage of giving up drugs is getting help for a drug detox. The goal of detoxification is to eliminate the toxins accumulated by drug use from the body. Ask any drug addict needing a detox and they’ll tell you about the harsh side effects, known as withdrawal symptoms, as a result of stopping drugs.

Trying to detox without help results in intense cravings which most often results in, despite the best intentions and great willpower, an immediate relapse to the drug ‘of choice’. It may seem clear to those not addicted that it’s paramount to seek help for a drug detox to avoid this failure. Getting a quality drug detox means that medical supervision alleviates the worst of the withdrawals and patients are largely comfortable throughout the detoxification. This is key as repeated failures to detoxify yourself will only result in an increased sense of hopelessness.

The First Step of Detoxification is Withdrawal

Regardless of whether you are addicted to alcohol or other drugs, withdrawal is defined as the discontinuation of the use of an addictive substance and the physiological and mental readjustment that goes with it. Withdrawal differs depending on the drugs that are being used and how frequently they are used. Detox helps to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of drug withdrawal. Drug and alcohol detoxification under managed medical supervision is the most effective and comfortable way to help someone their process through to recovery. Medical supervision is generally recommended due to severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Some addicts may become delirious and even physically ill and some become aggressive and violent without medical help. Apart from the physical side effects which can include blackouts, dizziness, fainting, delusions, hallucinations, nausea and vomiting, shaking, twitching, sweating and more, there are also mental and emotional side effects which need to be treated. Addicts going through detox often cannot make rational or proper decisions and need help from family, friends and professionals.

Detoxification is a Holistic Process

It is best to get help for drug detox in a registered addiction treatment centre where trained staff will incorporate counselling and other therapy as a part of the drug or alcohol detoxification. Although the removal of drug residuals is the goal, all aspects of the individual’s withdrawal need to be accommodated. Drug and alcohol detoxification not only relieves the patient during the withdrawal process but also helps them to adjust to life without drug use. It is generally the early stage in long-term rehabilitation. Effective detox programs offer a rounded course of treatment including medication to ease the intense craving for drugs, counselling to understand the individual’s causes of addiction and helping with behavioural changes in the future to live drug-free and constructive lives.

Get Help for Drug Detox

It is not wise to attempt detox alone as the process can be dangerous and sometimes life-threatening depending on the severity of the addiction. It is best managed under medical supervision with staff trained in substance abuse. The best way to recovery is to attend a drug detox program. Drug detox programs often take place at rehab centres and last a few days to a week. The detoxification is only the start and rehab should take place after detox, which may take a month to three months or longer. There are certain characteristics to look for in a detoxification program like medical monitoring from trained medical staff. An effective detox program will perform individual assessments on patients and develop an individual patient plan towards recovery.

The program should provide comfort in the form of modern amenities, nutritious and tasty meals and empathetic staff. It should also provide a tranquil environment, as well as safety, security and privacy. Follow up after detox should be offered to the patient.

Substance abuse is widespread throughout the world with many negative side effects both to the individual and their families as well as society at large. If you or a family member have an addiction problem allow us to help you. Contact WeDoRecover for confidential help and guidance for the best detox program in your area.

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