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Do You Know Someone Who Has an Alcohol Problem? – (taken from a questionnaire by Johns Hopkins University)

  • Has their drinking started affecting their work / home life?
  • Do they seem to have an uncontrollable craving for alcohol?
  • Do they suffer withdrawal symptoms when not drinking?
  • Do they over-indulge in alcohol?
  • Do they drink with a certain group of people every time? Or only when on their own?
  • Does their alcohol consumption make them reckless towards the well being of themselves and / or their family?

If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, the chances of your loved one having an alcohol abuse problem is high. If the answers to more than one question is ‘yes’ they may very well be an alcoholic and need a detoxification plus further rehab for them to be able to maintain sobriety. For the alcoholic’s sake and for your own sanity, it’s time to get them some help for alcohol detoxification. Please call us today to arrange assessment and treatment for any alcohol related problems.

What Does it Mean to Detox?

Alcohol Detox or detoxification, is when an addicted individual receives physical treatment – prescribed by a medical doctor, monitored by qualified and detoxification experienced nurses – to remove the alcohol from their system with the result of drying out, stabilising and sobering up the alcoholic patient. This is a necessary first step essential to recovery from alcoholism.

USA Today ran a poll in 2006 that confirms the following:

1.      That nearly half the people addicted to alcohol have never requested treatment for their addiction. Only after an intervention by the family of the alcoholic did they go for an alcohol detox. So it’s critical to understand that waiting around for the alcoholic to have a moment of claity or some spontaneous awareness of the severity of their alcoholism and to take corrective action… is very rarely going to happen.

Most often, due to the delusion and denial associated with active alcoholism, it takes some form of crisis induced by those close to the patient to get help for alcohol detoxification. If you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol, don’t wait around for things to somehow magically get better. Call today and arrange admission to a detox clinic near you.

2.      Some family members expressed not knowing where to find appropriate treatment for their loved ones.

3.      More than half of the people who took part in the survey said that the alcoholic was not assessed – at any time – for a mental disorder. This is quite alarming as it is fundamental to ones treatment that they be fully evaluated for any signs of an underlying psychological / psychiatric illness, as this is common in individuals with alcohol dependency. The poll also mentioned that the main reason for their addicted family member’s recovery was through crisis, coupled with support from the family. Don’t wait for a legal crisis (car accident, arrest) or some other emergency to get help for alcohol detoxification. Call us now.

Alcoholism – A Brain Disease?

Yes, alcoholism, as with other addictions, has been found to be a brain disease. Over a certain period of time, the alcoholic’s brain chemistry and normal function changes making it impossible for them to control their drinking. As such, an alcoholic needs to be treated for their physiological brain disorder, through monitored, medical care during detoxification as well as longer term rehab to minimise the possibility of relapse.

Because alcoholism is a physical addiction as well as a behavioural one, the brain function of the individual can be changed by more than one type of treatment, ie. using behavioural therapy together with medication, is one successful holistic approach.

Where to Get Help for Alcohol Detox?

There are many different types of alcohol detoxification clinics. Most reputable clinics offer an in-patient as well as an out-patient program, holistic therapy combined with professional, medical treatment. All of these things are incredibly important to an alcoholic’s treatment and recovery but even more important is ensuring that the person suffering from alcoholism is getting the right kind of detox treatment specific to their needs.

We are all individuals and as such we all need personalised care to enable us to get the most out of alcoholism treatment. To get help for alcohol detoxification, the alcohol reliant person needs to be clinically assessed to determine whether they need to be treated in a residential facility or whether treatment as an outpatient will suffice.

This can be difficult if the person suffering from alcoholism does not recognise their need for help as is common with this condition. Interventions are a successful means of allowing the alcoholic to begin to assume responsibility for their illness. Often, families of substance abusers and alcoholics find it challenging to access the best alcohol detoxification programme for their needs. WeDoRecover can arrange immediate help for alcohol detoxification. Some of the considerations when looking for an alcohol detox clinic is that it’s affordable, professional and accessible at the time the alcoholic needs help. We Do Recover helps alcoholics and their families through the best rehab centres – we will assist the alcoholic, or in cases where the patient is resistant to treatment – the family, in finding the right alcohol rehab and detoxification treatment for their specific needs.

You are not on it alone, call us today and we’ll help to get your loved one the right alcohol rehab and begin their process to wellness.

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