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Addiction Recovery South Africa

Being caught in a cycle of strong physical compulsion and mental obsession to keep using alcohol and drugs despite the consequences to myself and my loved one’s can only be described as a living hell.  Drug and alcohol, the one thing that used to unfailingly provide some relief now has become my worst enemy, forcing every thought and action to be spent on obtaining or using drugs. Addiction recovery offers freedom, an escape from this process of self-destruction.

Finding Addiction Recovery in South Africa.

Addiction recovery begins with abstinence from mood or mind-altering substances. The process of stopping using drugs is known as detoxification.  Unfortunately for addicts they will suffer withdrawal effects if they stop using drugs. This is in fact one of the symptoms of addiction. This makes it very difficult to quit without drug or alcohol addiction counseling. Most addicts will not be able get through detox without some form of help.  This is usually found in a rehab centre where doctors can supervise the process and provide medication that reduces the symptoms of withdrawal. Thus the process of addiction recovery starts in rehabilitation for the majority addicts.

Of course detoxification is just the start of the process.  Abstinence alone is not enough to improve the addict’s quality of life. Recovery is really the result of abstaining from drugs and also changing your behaviour. It’s only when a genuine commitment to change is made that a person becomes ready for recovery. The changes in behaviour will drive radical changes in life that improve the overall quality of life for the addict.

Addiction recovery is therefore a very rewarding way to live.  Addicts describe having a sense of freedom and happiness that comes from living clean.  They express a sense of thankfulness to be able to choose their behaviours rather than being compelled to spend all their time and energy using or obtaining drugs.  For many the sheer relief of not having to lie, cheat, and steal to obtain money to purchase drugs comes as a welcome holiday.
Addiction recovery requires ongoing maintenance.  One of the best known programs is the 12 step fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous which promotes an ongoing process of self-discovery and growth.  It is the general advice of counsellors in rehab that their patients attend these groups for so long as they plan to stay clean.  That is to say that these groups are so important that failure to attend is a likely cause for relapse.

Benefits of addiction recovery

Addicts are often at a loss in social situations.  Being high excludes them from normal feelings.  Their mental functioning can also be impaired by the presence of drugs in their system.  Addicts who have found addiction recovery describe being able to easily handle situations where they used to feel completely out of their depth.

Addiction recovery can help addicts to restore lost or damaged relationships.  The behaviour of a using addict can cause real problems in relationships. They are essentially selfish people driven by a compulsive need to obtain and use drugs. Under the influence of mood or mind-altering substances an addict’s personality may change completely and they may even become violent. In addiction recovery the recovering addict can face up to their behaviour and make amends.  Because their behaviour is stable and predictable the addict will become more confident, losing any fear of interacting with people that they may once have had.  They no longer need to hide or carry a sense of shame.

Addiction recovery also allows the addict to close the door on his/her past.  Instead of walking around with resentments, guilt, shame, and other emotional baggage the addict is able to see his/her past for what it was and move on.

If you want to know how to reclaim your life and live free of addiction please contact one of our treatment consultants today for access to the best recovery center in your area.

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