Top things to do when visiting South Africa

It’s not possible to fit everything great about South Africa into one place.  Between the coastlines that look out over two great oceans there is a cornucopia of natural beauty.  Table Mountain is one of the iconic symbols of our natural beauty.  It is unique in that it is the only geographical feature on earth that has an official constellation named after it (“Mons Mensa”).

Perhaps the best way to experience South Africa is to start by exploring Cape Town and then make your way up the east coast with the ultimate goal of reaching the Kruger National Park.  You’ll travel through winelands, the famed “garden route”, majestic forests, pristine blue flag beaches, sub-tropical sugarcane fields, before turning in country to reach Johannesburg.  An opportunity to enjoy every sport and activity from diving to mountain biking is represented along this path.

The Kruger National Park is a truly huge nature reserve – larger than Wales (though with considerably fewer sheep and rather more lions).  You’ll see the “big five” animals in their natural habitat.
South Africa offers you many opportunities to explore and enjoy yourself.  Make sure that you plan your travel plans in advance in order to get everything in!

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