Research behind Drug Addiction Rehabilitation-Part Two

In our first article “How and why drug addiction rehab works” we touched on the following;
–     Drug addiction is an illness like diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure.
–     Treatment for drug addiction is as effective for all four of the above chronic diseases. That’s good news – REHAB WORKS!
–     No single drug addiction treatment works, individuals needs bespoke rehab tailored to their needs.
–     Once someone’s has progressed from substance abuse to drug addiction there is no cure, they will never regain the ability to use drugs recreationally or drink socially.
–     AND CRITICALLY – most people addicted to drugs are pressured into rehab and this has little to do with whether treatment will work or not!
There are many facets to drug addiction treatment and success in the form of clean and sober living is a product of rehabilitation programs that include most of the following characteristics.
For the majority of drug addicts, medically assisted detoxification is only the beginning of the treatment process. Statistically, programs of 3 months or longer are shown to get the best results in substance abuse rehab.
Counselling is used in many successful drug addiction rehab programs and the facility you choose to attend must provide both individual and group therapy as a mandatory part of treatment.
Drug addiction rehabilitation centres with high recovery success rates generally include life skills therapy as well. These therapies help the addicts to reclaim control of their lives and teach them how to live without the need for substance abuse.
A treatment facility should have space available for potential clients to encourage a greater success rate. For most drug dependants being placed on a waiting list is a recipe for disaster.
Being on a long waiting list for a place in drug addiction rehab results in relapse and a lost opportunity, once the patient is back abusing drugs and alcohol it may be a long time before another potential treatment admission is possible.
State funded drug addiction rehabs are often full, forcing pateints to be turned away. Private facilities frequently have places available; however they require money from the family.
Please call us today for an immediate drug addiction referral and admission to a rehab centre.
While participating in drug rehab, an addict needs to constantly set realistic goals and move toward them. It is equally important for goals to be set for after addiction treatment when the client is no longer living in the safety of the rehab centre.
A step by step plan needs to be developed for the individual to follow. Monitoring and Follow-up is necessary on completion of drug addiction treatment to help the patient continue to follow the path that was planned. This reintegration support is vital to prolonged sobriety.
When addiction rehabilitation takes place in the appropriate setting, providing effective treatment, a life free from drug abuse is possible.
If you or someone you love needs a drug detoxification and treatment to make positive changes in their lives please call one of rehab counsellors today.

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