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Alcohol abuse and addiction is something to be taken most seriously but with so many of us being exposed to alcohol use on a daily basis, we very rarely realise when someone close to us is abusing it. Alcoholism must be taken seriously because the average alcoholic dies 26 years sooner than he or she would otherwise. It’s interesting to note, because I think these figures could be extrapolated for South Africa and the UK, that 85,000 Americans die due to alcohol every year and 50% of homicides are related to alcohol. This is a very serious brain disease.

The sad reality is that of all the people currently needing alcohol rehab or addiction treatment only around 3% get it. This is staggering considering that for every 1US$ spent at alcoholism treatment centre’s 7US$ are saved in costs to society. Surely it makes sense for us to invest in quality addictions rehabilitation for our population?

The average 18 year old has been inundated with 100,000 TV adverts encouraging them to drink, telling them how much fun they’ll have and then wonder why 80% of our senior high school pupils have tried alcohol, 32% have been drunk in the last month, 43% smoke marijuana, and about 30%  smoke cigarettes. If you suspect that you or someone you love has developed a difficulty with alcohol, drugs or gambling, please call one of out treatment counsellors today to arrange an assessment at a top rehab near you.

Alcohol use has become an accepted form of stress relief in society and it is not seen as unusual to end the day with a drink at the local pub. Unfortunately there are a large number of people who form a dependency on alcohol and this is a dependency that is not easily shaken off. Receiving professional alcoholism treatment from a rehabilitation centre is often the only way that one can recover from alcohol addiction.

It is often believed that an individual cannot be cured from alcoholism and to a certain extent this is true. As an alcoholic the main aim would be to become a recovering alcoholic on a long term or indefinite basis. Many fear relapse soon after alcoholism treatment has been completed and this is a fairly normal occurrence. The best way for an alcoholic to recover is to complete the treatment programme and continue to attend the aftercare groups as well as 12 step meetings.

Once the decision to get clean has been made, the next step would be to seek out a treatment centre that will be able to cater to your specific case. This is where the services of We Do Recover come in. This particular company is one that is dedicated to assisting addicts to live an addiction free life and have unlimited access to information and affordable treatment.

When making contact with us you will undergo a telephonic addiction assessment with one of the experienced and trained consultants. This assessment will be used to ascertain your current situation, provide you with sound advice and point you in the direction of alcohol treatment centres that are equipped to get you on the road to recovery.

Take the time to contact us today and discuss alcoholism treatment options. You will find that rehabilitation is closer and more affordable than you think.

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