Drug Addiction Rehabilitation in South Africa

It’s often and entirely incorrectly, assumed that the person addicted to drugs or alcohol has to ‘want’ rehab for treatment to work. It’s precisely because the patient is addicted they have diminished awareness of the consequences of their drug addiction and are often forced to enter rehab. It has been proven that external pressure from family, friend’s employers and even the judicial system can enhance treatments effectiveness.

So whilst there may be some stigma attached to the term ”drug addiction rehabilitation” for those that have become dependent on alcohol or other drugs, treatment is actually a life-saving process. Do not hesitate to contact us to find ways of developing existing leverage to force your addicted or alcoholic loved ones into treatment. The skilled collective experience in a team of addiction treatment consultants being brought to bear through drug addiction rehabilitation restores people to leading a healthy and productive life.  There is no shame in admitting you have a problem and are beginning to assume responsibility for it by making amends for harm caused and finding a different way to live.

Doing something positive about having a drug addiction problem is seldom frowned upon, what’s difficult for families to watch are their actively addicted loved ones continuing down a path of covert, slow motion suicide!

Nobody chooses to become an addict but the decision to do something positive and recover from the disease of drug addiction is praiseworthy.  And this is exactly what you will accomplish in a rehab centre.

The very words drug addiction rehabilitation implies that there is some form of restoration occurring; that the addict is being restored to health and dignity, regaining the capacity to lead a productive, normal life.  It’s a very positive term and a life-altering experience to undertake.

Drug addiction rehabilitation in the media

The media loves to pounce on horror stories involving drug addiction rehabilitation.  Every gruesome detail of some unfortunate person’s story is mercilessly dragged through the press.  Although there may be some rehab centre’s that are unethical the majority of treatment centres and clinics are properly managed according to strict guidelines formed through academic research.
If you do your homework before choosing to be admitted you can be sure that you will enjoy a comfortable and productive time in your chosen drug addiction rehabilitation centre.  Many clinics look more like hotels and make the family of the patient jealous!

Please contact us to find the best addiction treatment centre close to you.

Do I need drug addiction rehabilitation?

Many people falsely believe that it’s only for the patient to decide when and if they need drug addiction rehabilitation.  However, this has been proven to be untrue. The patient’s level of awareness is diminished because they’re addicted and you cannot wait for them to see the light before finding an appropriate treatment centre. Contact us for ways to begin adopting a different stance in relation to the drug or alcohol addicted person.

It’s most often the family that ends up choosing a drug addiction rehabilitation centre for the patient. It’s important to do your research, make an informed choice and keep an open mind.  Sometimes the denial that surrounds addiction is so strong, that even family members get sucked into the delusional that “things aren’t so bad” and we can all be quite unaware that we are being irrational at times.  If people close to you are suggesting that someone needs drug addiction rehabilitation for their habit then the chances are that they are seeing something you don’t.
The good news is that even if the person addicted to alcohol or other drugs is being forced to enter rehab it is still possible to have a successful treatment outcome.

If you’re finding that you need drugs just to feel normal then you might need drug addiction rehabilitation.  In other words if the drugs are no longer fun but if you stop using them you suffer from withdrawal symptoms then this is a sign that you might be addicted.  You should consult with an addictions counsellor about how best to detoxify and join a recovery program.
If you’re using ever increasing amounts of drugs but finding that you’re not getting the high anymore then this could be a sign of “tolerance” and another reason to consider drug addiction rehabilitation.  Tolerance occurs because your body learns how to cope with the presence of the toxins you are introducing to it and you keep needing to use more and more to get the same ‘high’.

Some people steal and lie to support their habit.  This is very hurtful to the people around them.  If you’re in trouble with the law, your work or your family then this could be a sign that your behaviour is changing because of your chemical dependency.  If they are suggesting that you consider drug addiction rehabilitation please contact one of out addictions rehab counsellors to discuss whether you have a problem.

How much does drug addiction rehabilitation cost?

There are many different drug addiction rehabilitation clinics to choose from.  There are centre’s that offer a high degree of luxury which will obviously cost more than rehabs without such amenities.

Ultimately there is an option to suit just about every budget.  If you’re struggling to find a centre then it is a good idea to contact one of our Intake Coordinators for assistance addictions advice. They will be knowledgeable about the various rehab options that are available and will be able to direct you to a centre that matches your budget and personal needs.
Drug addiction rehabilitation can save your life and bring back joy and serenity.  It is very difficult to stop using drugs by yourself, if you want help please contact one of our addictions counsellors today for help.

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