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Drug Addiction Helpline

If you have been searching for a drug addiction helpline then don’t delay in calling We Do Recover for expert advice.  They are a group of independent addiction treatment consultants who specialise in providing a confidential assessment service to help you choose the addiction treatment centre that will be best for you.
Drug addiction is a potentially fatal illness and the longer you leave it the worse the consequences become. The sooner you can call a drug addiction helpline and receive treatment the better the chances of a positive outcome from rehab.
Often people need a drug addiction helpline because they are concerned about the drug abuse of a loved one.  People who are suffering from addiction are sometimes in denial regarding the nature and extent of their illness.  It’s not nice to admit that you’re an addict.  Therefore it is often that it happens that it is family members or friends who call drug addiction helplines for treatment.
The European Association for the Treatment of Addiction (EATA) has found that even if an addict is forced into treatment by their family they can enjoy the full benefit of therapy and have a successful outcome.
If you’re going to call a drug addiction helpline you might want to be prepared to ask questions that will help you to make a decision about how to deal with your situation.  The ideal outcome would be for your loved one (or yourself) to be helped and find long lasting recovery.  Perhaps you want to find out where there is a detox centre.
These detoxification clinics offer short term programs that help addicts to stop using drugs.  They are necessary because it is very difficult to stop using independently.  The withdrawal symptoms that are a characteristic of addiction make it very hard to get through the first few days of a detox.  A drug addiction helpline will help you to identify potential drug detox programs.
A drug detox or alcohol detox program should be medically supervised.  Some substances can be dangerous to stop using abruptly and have very serious withdrawal effects such as seizures or hallucinations.  Having a doctor supervise the process reduces these risks and can avert disaster.  Of course having a doctor can also make the process more comfortable.  This means that the addict is more likely to be able to complete the detox.  Ask the We Do Recover drug addiction helpline about medically supervised detoxification options.
Following the drying out phase or detoxification the addict should be admitted onto an addiction treatment program.  This program will be responsible for driving the changes that must follow detox in order to ensure lasting recovery.  Recovery from addiction involves an improvement in all spheres of live – physical, mental, social, vocational, and spiritual.  You should ask the drug addiction helpline about any treatment programs that might be available and ensure that they:

Are properly registered with the relevant Health Authorities
Are staffed by appropriately qualified professionals who are themselves registered with professional bodies
Employ a diverse treatment program that addresses all spheres of recovery
Offer support groups for the family as well as involving the family in therapy
Offer a medically supervised detox program
Include an introduction to the 12 step support groups
Offer ongoing care in the form of aftercare

A drug addiction helpline may suggest that you join an outpatient program.  These programs will allow you to sleep at home and work during the day.  They are best suited to people who have drug abuse as oppose to drug dependence (addiction) problems and therefore can stay clean at home & work whilst they learn to work the program.
If you need assistance in finding the best drug addiction treatment centre for you then please contact the expert intake coordinators at We Do Recover.  They will offer you a confidential assessment and then guide you to a centre that will best suit your needs.

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